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National Survey Reveals Just a Third of UK Employees Trust Their Bosses

A recent survey of the UK employees’ trust in their business leaders shows a significant drop compared to a generation ago.

Best-selling business author Geoff Hudson-Searle conducted a survey, carried out by DataPad, establishing just how few of us trust our bosses – with 30% of respondents answering negatively to a question whether they trusted and respected their CEO and another 39% replying “a little”.

Trust is always paramount, but given current global and national events, there has never been a greater need for trust in all spheres of our lives, even more so at the workplace and in business.

The survey asked employees the same question about ‘trust and respect’ in relation to their Executive Leadership, Heads of Department and immediate line managers. The closer the manager’s role was to the respondent, the more likely the employee was to answer positively. Immediate managers were trusted “a lot” by 48%, followed by “a little” (36%), with 16% “not trusted at all”.

Geoff Hudson-Searle’s latest book, The Trust Paradigm, written in co-authorship with the American business author Mark Herbert, draws on the hard-won truths and deep personal lessons from life and business of the two authors in their efforts to distil those lessons into principles, which can transform a business and help leaders to restore trust. The book demonstrates the relationship between human communications, strategy and business development, and provides a holistic overview of the leading methods and techniques.

Moral and ethical leadership is the key to successful business, yet it’s clear from the news that the leaders of some of our most influential corporations are making morally questionable decisions. These decisions will lose the trust of customers and employees. Trust is the foundation of high functioning relationships and can only be achieved by a meaningful dialogue, which is not happening. Instead, we’re increasingly replacing it with impersonal electronic communications,” comments Geoff.

One of the first readers of The Trust Paradigm, Shakeeb Niazi, FBCS CITP FIoEE FIET, Founder and Chair of the Society for Entrepreneurial Education and Development, shares his opinion: “Trust is critical for all businesses, especially with all the “noise” of websites, social media, and SEO copywriting. The pillars of trust, described in the book, teach leaders how to build trust in achievable steps by identifying the “Trust” element (or lack of) within a business – and developing it as a measurable and improvable objective. I was impressed with the significant benefits achieved in every key performance indicator by organisations investing in trust. We should shift away from ‘command and control’ to a ‘trust and inspire’ leadership. I not only recommend reading this book, but using it as a reference as you develop and build your business on the Trust model.’’

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Notes to editors

About Geoff Hudson-Searle Geoff Hudson-Searle is a CEO of IBEM, serial business advisor, C-Suite Executive and Non-Executive Director to growth-phase tech companies. Geoff holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and has over 30 years of experience in the international business management arena. He is a fellow of the Institute of Directors, an associate of The Business Institute of Management, a co-founder and board member of the Neustar International Security Council (NISC) and a distinguished member of the Advisory Council for The Global Cyber Academy. Rated by Agilience as a Top 250 Harvard Business School authority on Strategic Management and Management Consulting, Geoff lectures at business forums, conferences and universities, and has been the focus of TEDx and RT Europe’s business documentary across various thought leadership topics. The Trust Paradigm is his sixth book. He is also the author of:
  • Freedom After the Sharks
  • Meaningful Conversations
  • Journeys to Success – Volume 9
  • God in Business
  • Purposeful Discussions
About the Survey The survey was carried out by DataPad for the author Geoff Hudson-Searle to evaluate the current issues with leadership in the UK.
  • 2,100 people took part in the survey. However, those who answered ‘not applicable’ or ‘don’t know’ have been excluded from the results above;
  • 999 people responded to the question on their CEOs;
  • 1,264 people responded to the question on their immediate managers.
The survey was balanced across the UK regions and results are available by age and salary levels.   More PHOTOS of Geoff Hudson-Searle: The Trust Paradigm by Geoff Hudson-Searle and Mark Herbert is available to order via Waterstones, WHSmith and Amazon. A copy of the book may be supplied for your review. BOOK and VIDEO LINKS: Watch Geoff and Mark discussing The Trust Paradigm: Book launch video:

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