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What should you include in a press release?

When you share a press release with News By Wire, we carry out a review process to ensure that it meets our guidelines. This is to ensure that journalists and news desks receive only quality, newsworthy press releases that maximise the chance of successful publication.  

  • Your press release should be newsworthy – it should contain news or information that is new, interesting, and relevant
  • Timeliness is everything in a press release or news story. A press release about something that happened several weeks ago is not news-worthy
  • It should include a great headline that is attention-grabbing
  • Consider using a subheadline that further explains the story
  • Include quotes from people involved in the story
  • Ensure that you use a “hook” or angle to make the story more interesting
  • Include background information on the company
  • It’s often a good idea to bolster the release with additional information, such as statistics, data, or customer testimonials
  • Be sure to include a strong ending that leaves the reader wanting more
  • Include contact information so reporters can follow up with additional questions