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Making Sure Your Press Release Gets Noticed: Writing Strategies

Writing press releases is an art form that can help you spread important announcements and information about your business, brand, or services. But when you throw your press release into a crowded newsroom, how can you make sure that it stands out for journalists, bloggers, and influencers?

Here are a few strategies for crafting a press release that catches the attention of the media and helps you get the word out.


  1. Get to The Point

    You should start off your press release by getting to the point. Dont waste time with an intro that doesnt give the reader any useful information. Make sure to include the essentials right off the bat such as who, what, when, where, and why.


  2. Use a Strong Headline

    Your headline is the first thing that will catch the readers attention, so make sure its effective. Use an active voice and keep it brief and clear. The headline should be one to two lines long and reflect the content of the press release.


  3. Include an AttentionGrabbing Quote

    Adding a quote from a key person in your organization will help your press release stand out from the crowd. The quote should be attentiongrabbing and should relate to the main message of your press release.


  4. Keep it Short and Sweet

    Press releases should be written in a concise and straightforward way. Keep the overall length to one page or less and dont include any unnecessary details. Instead, focus on delivering the most important information quickly and effectively.


  5. Include Media Contacts

    Making sure to include contact information for media inquiries at the end of the press release is essential. You should provide the name, title, and contact info for a spokesperson that reporters and bloggers can talk to if they have questions or want more information.


By following these strategies, you can help make sure that your press release stands out and gets noticed. Keep your writing clear, concise, and effective so that readers can get the most important information quickly. With a wellcrafted press release, you can help inform the public and promote the success of your business.

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