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Louise Powrie is joint Managing Director with Core-Asset Consulting, Scotland’s leading financial services recruitment firm.

Regarding Humza Yousaf’s childcare provisions in the recent policy agenda, she said: “We interact with hundreds of working parents each year and see firsthand how limiting the lack of childcare cover in Scotland is. It stops people – most often mothers – who want to work and build their career from fulfilling their potential. That can mean those that want to work full time often only do two or three days a week – and a number can’t justify working at all.

“This is a huge waste of talent and is damaging to the Scottish economy. If not rectified, it will be another determining factor that prevents us competing to lure and retain talent.

“Financial services and broader professional services are a hugely influential part of the Scottish economy, with Edinburgh boasting the largest economic hub outside of London. With some businesses looking at increased and mandatory office time, the importance of adequate and affordable childcare provision is becoming more prevalent to support working parents and carers, and to help with the continual pressures placed by the high costs of living.

“We urge the Scottish Government to follow through with its commitments today. We must do whatever we possibly can to transform Scotland into an attractive base for working parents of young families.”

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