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Eresos Positioned for Growth in the Booming UK CBD Market: Empowering Wellness Through Personal Experience

In an era where self-care takes centre stage, a remarkable revolution is continuing to captivate not only the beauty industry but the financial sector too. 


Eresos, a leading luxury CBD and wellbeing brand, is thrilled to announce its upcoming intention to list on The Aquis Stock Exchange – London, where it has received provisional suitability clearance to list. This milestone represents a significant achievement for Eresos, whose award-winning natural botanical formulas infused with CBD have the potential to significantly improve skincare, health, and mental well-being.


The Growing CBD Market Sector in the UK and Europe


Recent statistics indicate a significant surge in the demand for CBD products across the UK and Europe. According to the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, the UK CBD market is estimated to have around 3 million regular users, with an additional 3.6 million people having tried CBD products at least once. In addition, the report suggested that the CBD oil market the UK was worth £300 million in 2020 and is expected to reach £1 billion by 2025.


The Eresos Brand Story


Eresos was established on the principle that you can’t try to solve a problem unless you’ve got an authentic understanding of a lived experience. Inspired by a heartfelt desire to help a friend (who was more like a brother) with a lifelong health condition, the founders embarked on a journey to explore the magical properties of CBD scientifically. This dedication led to the creation of the Isolex range, comprised CBD capsules and tincture products, believed to act as remedies not only for their friend but for others facing various ailments as well. Along with the edible products, Eresos also introduced its Derma skincare range for a truly blissful well-being experience, and Energos range, designed for athletes looking for topical post-recovery muscle relief.


Supporting Those Suffering With Anxiety Disorders and Mental Health


Anxiety conditions are on the rise in the UK. According to the Mental Health Foundation in 2022/23, an average of 37.1% of women and 29.9% of men reported high levels of anxiety 2

Compared to data from 2012 to 2015, this has increased significantly from 21.8% of women and 18.3% of men reporting high levels of anxiety. According to Mind, 6 in 100 people in England are diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder in any given week, and Mental Health UK reports that over 8 million people in the UK experience an anxiety disorder at any one time.


Eresos recognizes the pressing need to address the rising prevalence of anxiety disorders in the UK. As part of its commitment to wellness, Eresos aims to offer premium CBD-infused products to support stress and anxiety management, empowering individuals to prioritise their mental and emotional well-being and live as a happier, more relaxed version of themselves.


A Vision for the Future


Eresos’ story and passion for wellbeing is not just about their past; it is about the future they envision – a future where wellness is within reach for all. As they prepare to list on The Aquis Stock Exchange – London, Eresos is on the brink of reaching even greater heights, with their sights set firmly on the European market in the future once the listing milestone has been achieved. This listing will enable Eresos to expand its reach, attract strategic investors, and create new opportunities for further expansion and innovation within the wellness market. Their journey is a testament to the power of compassion and determination and they are excited to share their vision with the world.


Introducing the Highly Qualified Board Team


At the heart of Eresos’ success to date lies its distinguished board team, composed of industry experts and visionaries who have a deep understanding of the wellness sector and the potential of CBD products. Led by Carl Jat, a seasoned retailer and former Senior Vice President at the retail giant Claires Accessories, the board also includes Richard Collins, former Tesco F&F International Clothing Chief, and Lee Harrison, former Tesco Marketing Director. Their combined expertise positions Eresos for strategic growth and innovation.


Carl Jat, CEO at Eresos comments: “At Eresos, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Our dedication to quality and innovation means that we never compromise on delivering the best CBD products to enhance overall well-being and support those suffering with anxiety-related conditions. Additionally, the potential listing represents a significant milestone for us, and it would not have been possible without the trust and support of our valued stakeholders and customers.”


Celebrities Are Already On The CBD Trend


Eagerly anticipated by beauty gurus and celebrities alike, CBD-infused skincare adds an enhanced reeling of transformative relaxation within your daily routine. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, are some of CBDs biggest proponents, along with sporting legends such as Mike Tyson and James Haskell.




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Eresos is a luxury skincare and CBD wellness brand, with a lab based in London and inspired by ancient greek botanicals. Eresos was established on the principle that you can’t try to solve a problem unless you’ve got an authentic understanding of a lived experience. And not a one-off, fleeting encounter with a problem, but prolonged exposure to an issue that’s close to your heart. That’s exactly what inspired us from the outset. We wanted to help a friend (who was more like a brother) with a lifelong condition. Tackling his problem head-on and scientifically, using the magical properties of CBD. And researching and developing CBD capsules and tincture products we believed (and hoped) would act as a remedy or cure for our friend and – later down the line – others too. We’ve taken over a decade’s worth of personal motivation, passion and experience to create Eresos, a range of CBD-infused products formulated to improve the health and wellbeing of people with ailments ranging from everyday back pain, anxiety, and stress, even helping to treat life-threatening seizures

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