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Doji Partners with Bearth Solutions to Provide Users with Carbon Labels

Doji has partnered with Bearth Solutions, a provider of carbon footprint calculations for products, to further help users on their platform to better understand the positive impact they’re having by purchasing a refurbished smartphone or tablet. Doji and Bearth are both mission driven UK startups with a central focus on sustainability, and both are primed to help change the way people interact with tech in order to fight climate change.

“We are thrilled to partner with Doji and to be able to provide them with our carbon labelling solution,” said Ilo Emerenciano, CEO of Bearth Solutions. “Doji’s mission to reduce the carbon impact of new smartphone purchases and electronic waste aligns perfectly with our mission to make effective climate action achievable to everyone. By providing carbon labels, we can help Doji reduce overall market demand (and production) for new smartphones, and its associated carbon emissions.”

As part of the partnership Bearth will be providing Doji with carbon labels for all the phones and tablets on their trading platform. The labels will show the emissions avoided by purchasing refurbished devices, and Doji wants to help users understand the true impact consumer tech has on the environment and enable them to make more informed decisions.

“There are a load of really compelling reasons that UK consumers should be considering a move to refurbished tech. Obviously with the cost of living crisis, price is a key one at the moment especially with high quality refurbed tech being so much cheaper than new. We want people to see value beyond just the cost though, and now thanks to our partnership with Bearth we’re showing people that they’re also having a positive and measurable impact on our planet. We’re fully invested in providing reliable information to our consumers and being as responsible as we possibly can be. At Doji we want to be transparent when it comes to price and environmental impact, which is something consumers truly deserve, so that they are equipped and motivated to make more conscious decisions when it comes to their purchases.” – Bilal Khan, Doji Co-Founder

Buying refurbished reduces the demand for new, which dramatically reduces the carbon emissions caused by all the mining, manufacturing and transportation required to make these products. Reusing devices also helps to reduce electronic waste, which is the fastest growing waste stream on the planet according to the United Nations.

About Doji

Doji is a trading platform for verified refurbished smartphones and tablets. It aims to help the UK consumers make more informed decisions when it comes to purchasing their tech, and enable them to unlock the true value of their old devices.

Along with being transparent from an environmental perspective, Doji is also completely transparent when it comes to price. Doji’s Trading Platform utilises the stock exchange model and uses an order book system through which any user  can easily discover and transact on the best prices in the market. Furthermore, the platform also allows consumers to name their own prices by placing offers or asking prices, for which Doji uses its machine learning algorithms to find the best match.

Doji has three grades of phone available to general consumers: Like New, Very Good and Good. Sellers can quickly grade their devices and can instantly sell to an existing offer, or set their own price. Once a buyer is found, the seller sends the phone for grade verification and testing, to make sure it’s fully functional and looks as the buyer would expect. It’s then given a 12-month warranty and sent on to its new owner.

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Doji's partnership with Bearth Solutions aims to provide customers with data to show the positive impact their purchase has had

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