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Barings Law Ranked Top Claimant Firm in UK for High Court Case Filings

A Manchester law firm has emerged as one of the top law firms in the UK for cases issued to the high court in 2023.

Data recently revealed Barings Law is the number one firm representing claimants and the third top firm when it comes to sending cases to the high court.

The data, released by Solomonic, showed the law firm increased the number of cases it issues to the High Court by 2300% since 2022, going from just six cases to 144.

All of these cases were representing claimants.

The rise is largely due to an increase in SME business interruption cases which came as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact.

Craig Cooper, Managing Director of Barings Law, said: “Becoming one of the top three firms for cases issued is a testament to how confident we are in our ability to get justice for our clients.

“We are willing to back ourselves and our clients and I think the increase in cases issued shows that.

“A lot of our clients have been severely affected by the pandemic and are struggling to recover even years later.

“We have clients who have worked tirelessly for years to build a business and are now at risk of losing everything they have worked towards. It is a pleasure to help them take their cases to court.

“We are pleased to have been able to help get so many people the compensation they are entitled to and deserve, and we look forward to continue making such an impact in 2024.”

Barings Law has been leading the way when it comes to representing people whose businesses have been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

The pandemic’s impact on businesses can be seen in the number of claims issued in the Insolvency and Companies List.

This has risen dramatically since temporary relief from bankruptcy ended in 2022, seeing over 3000 claims issued each financial quarter in 2023.

Earlier in 2023, the Manchester-based firm issued a successful test case for six claimants, namely Kaizen Cuisine Limited, My Time Fine Fair, Umberto’s Restaurant Limited, Hairlab Limited, Muscleworks Limited, and Bodylines Fitness Limited.

The success of the case set a precedent in court which helped Barings Law to help more business owners who have been affected.

Barings Law has also recently become the first firm to issue a case against outsourcing giant, Capita.

The case was issued to London’s High Court after the company failed to take accountability for a data breach in March which occurred after a cyber-attack and more than 6000 claimants have since signed up with the firm as they believe their data has been compromised.

Of the nine firms which were new to the list, Barings Law was the biggest new entrant in the top 30, being topped only by global firms Clyde & Co. and DAC Beachcroft.

In the last few years, the share of work amongst law firms has remained largely the same, with the top 15 law firms commanding 17% of the work in the UK.

While there is some degree of turnover at the top of the list, 70% of the top law firms remain consistent which makes rising to the top especially impressive.

Craig added: “Barings Law is up amongst some huge firms in the top 30 and it’s wonderful to rank so highly amongst them.

“We have made huge strides since 2022 and this growth is clearly shown by how many cases we have been able to issue to the high court in 2023.”

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