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A leading regional tech firm has introduced enhanced features to its VOIP solutions – in a move which will greatly benefit its clients

A leading regional tech firm has introduced enhanced features to its VOIP solutions – in a move which will greatly benefit its clients.

The Connectus Group was already offering successful VoIP solutions.

But the Doncaster-based company has now been further boosted by the integration of third-party back-office CRM software solutions support within our VoIP platform.

Explaining how the new service will help our customers, Duncan Shaw, Connectus Group Director, said: “Integrating VoIP telephony platforms and CRM software means you can effectively glue the two systems together using Application Program Interfaces information can also be synced automatically and when this link is established, users can immediately see on screen pop-up windows with chosen customer information. Additional features can also allow the customer CRM data records to be accessed using programmed buttons plus other programmable actions.”

Highlighting the specific benefits of VoIP and CRM integration Duncan added: “It will improve customer engagement and allow for immediate data retrieval which, in turn, will lead to a cleaner handover between staff. Productivity will be boosted as it reduces the need to keep switching between applications. Those using the system will face lower operating costs.

“They also allow for post-call follow-ups – and will provide an ability for users to input notes that will update the CRM application. There is also the benefit in the form of call analytical data which can provide management with key call history and customer engagement records.”

Among the many clients already benefiting from Connectus’ expertise in this area is Hill House School, a co-educational independent school for pupils from the ages of three to 18 in South Yorkshire.

The school turned to Connectus to help deliver the best possible connectivity for its pupils and staff, cyber support and remote hosting services.  They also wanted support in updating an ageing telephony platform.

Connectus have now rolled out a modern system which ensures the school benefits from a more effective communications model within its school office.

Duncan explained: “Hill House were running a traditional onsite PBX supported by ISDN services. This was restrictive in terms of allowing the school to manage call traffic efficiently. A VoIP solution helped not only to improve efficiency and safety in their operational activities but also their operating costs.”

Roy Shelton, the CEO of the Connectus Group, added: “This is the latest product which will help make doing businesses  more seamless for our clients.”


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