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Tech Giants Are Coming To Manchester

Some of the country’s leading technology wizards are converging on Manchester early next month to shape a new era of innovation – inspired by a former Wigan entrepreneur who is returning to his North West roots.


Ian Taylor spearheads disruptive ITC consultancy, TECHGIANT Workplace, with his 20-year-old son Oliver. The company was recently named one of the UK’s top 100 SME businesses and is hosting a digital transformation insight event at Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium on June 8th.


It will see guest speakers from top tech companies come together to inspire and educate as part of a ‘Foundations of Change’ theme – spanning cloud-based communications, cybersecurity, devices, infrastructure and AI.


“Manchester’s industrial heritage and rich reputation for innovation makes this the perfect place to inspire new ways of working and the next generation of technology leaders.” Ian explained.


“This is a conference all about UK digital transformation, and aims to provide great insight into the ways in which companies can adopt technology to bring them into the 21st century, allowing them to compete on both a domestic and international stage.


“My son is just 20 (fellow Director and Shareholder), and brings in the understanding and knowledge of just what the next generation (Gen Z) expect from the work environment, therefore helping direct the pillars of change across business enterprises.


“We want to reshape and inspire the next generation of tech innovators based on best practice, research, analysis and insight from many industry experts.”


Ian, who hails from Shevington in Wigan, concluded: “The tech giants are coming to Manchester and I’m coming back home. I’ve missed the pies too!”




TECHGIANT Workplace has developed a three-year business plan based on annual revenues of over £5m with further exponential growth planned to reach £20-£30m in just five years.


Launched in Autumn 2022, TECHGIANT wants to ensure organisations can fully embrace and exploit digital transformation and reshape their communication and collaboration strategies, helping companies to invest in the core technology areas which support sustainable positive operational change.


“It’s about creating certainty, finding the right technology fit and developing partnerships

which last,” Oliver explained.


“I actually see my young age as a real benefit because I truly do understand the aspirations and demands of this emerging generation in relation to business asks, and in the years to come I hope my company, with its vast market knowledge and global partner relationships, will be of great assistance to both employees and employers alike.


“We want to be the first of a new generation of service providers, a true giant of tech. We are changing the rules, bringing the marketplace to customers and guaranteeing IT buyer certainty for the future. Culture and business productivity is underpinned by technology and so it’s about getting involved in the operational challenges themselves, and looking to apply the right change agents to help companies go faster, compete harder and retain more talent for years to come.


“With huge curiosity around areas such as Artificial Intelligence and return to the office mandates – technology and customer demands continue to evolve, which elevates to a level of critical importance the role of the trusted advisor.”

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