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S’Young International launches the first-ever Global Brand Festival to give European brands a chance to enter the lucrative Chinese Beauty Market

S’Young International, initiators of the CP (China Partner) cooperation model, which offers international brands omni-channel market support to the lucrative Chinese beauty market, recently launched their first ever Global Brand Festival event, allowing international brands to connect and explore the opportunities to market.

Held in Changsha, a rapidly emerging and vibrant cosmopolitan city, the event gives international brands the opportunity to work with a reputable partner like S’Young International to capture a slice of China’s beauty and personal care market, which is estimated to be worth US$5.9.06bn in 2023, expecting an annual growth of 5.41% (CAGR 2023-2027).

Brands including Pier Augé, a French skincare range designed for sensitive skin, Evidens de Beauté, a French-Japanese anti-ageing luxury cosmetics brand, Lumene, offering Finnish natural beauty skincare and LORD & BERRY, an Italian make-up atelier, were some of the brands introduced to the captive Chinese market, which consisted of customers, partners, influencers and channel distributors from online e-commerce, high end stores, luxury hotels and beauty retail collection stores.

A first of its kind, the CP Global event allowed audiences to learn the brand histories, understand the brand personalities and its uniqueness, telling their brand stories through scenarios, fashion shows, speeches, dances, VCRs and introducing products to partners and Chinese consumers.

Having an opportunity like the CP Global Brand Festival gives international brands a chance to learn about the Chinese market, establish partnerships, gain insights into the local retail and e-tail opportunities and speak with collaborators to give their range the tools to succeed in the local market. S’Young International showed examples of how brands can work with their omni-channel, all dimension and full-lifecycle approach, demonstrating their cooperation model.

Says Co-founder and CEO of S’Young International, Marshall Chen:

“We are delighted that our partner brands have come to S’Young City, as this festival is for them. We hope to encourage more partners and consumers to understand the brands we work with, and we will continue to help them fully develop in China, as smoothly as possible.”

Alongside the ceremonies, S’Young International invited its partners to enjoy everything S’Young City can offer, including city tours, tree planting for brands, and other brand festival activities. Founders and senior executives of partner brands met with the S’Young International team, visited the international building, and had in-depth conversations with the research and development, marketing, and customer service teams.

With the beauty industry riding high in China and with global brands including Fenty Beauty,  Lancome and ESTĒE LAUDER  increasing their presence, could China be the market where brands are  seeing a growth, helping them to make up for the losses they occurred during the pandemic? With the emergence of an omni-channel and immersive retail approach, this could certainly be the beginning of the new 24hr on demand retail shopping experience.

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About S’Young International: S’Young International, the initiator of CP cooperation model, is known as a digital-driven open platform that empowers global beauty brands to connect with the Chinese market by providing a complete solution for overseas partners to develop in China on a all-dimension, omni-channel and full-lifecycle basis. S’Young International is committed to becoming the Best CP for Global Beauty, aiming to help overseas niche and premium brands improve their brand value comprehensively, build mutually beneficial partnerships and share the long-term value from the growth of the Chinese market.

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