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Symphony Candle release worlds first dancing candle – just in time for Christmas

Symphony candle have released their patented dancing candle in the UK, just in time for Christmas this year.

Symphony candle features a patented music sensor chip that enables the candles flame to flick and dance uniquely to the music being played, giving you a truly mesmerizing and unique experience.

Due to this unique feature Symphony candle are proudly featured on Candlelight Concerts (Madrid) where classical music fans can enjoy a classical concert played to thousands of candles which move in synchronized symphony.

The Symphony candle is made from real wax, just like a real candle and is available in a rainbow of colors and finishes perfect for matching any decor in your home. Its also perfect for hospitality and catering businesses from pubs, restaurants, hotels.

Response from early customers so far has been incredibly encouraging with customers delighted with its real candle look and feel and its unique ability to dance to any music or instrument you play.

Symphony candles are available in 3 sizes, 6, 7 and 9 inch and are priced at £29.99, £34.99 and £39.99 respectively. Bundle deals offer greater savings with a 3 pack bundle priced from £79.99, saving £10 when purchased separately.

For the best experience Symphony recommend purchasing multiple candles to get the full effect of the flames moving in Symphony.

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