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Situ Carbon Neutral Plus Status



12 January 2023

Situ Awarded Carbon Neutral + Status

In 2022 Situ launched its Be More Starfish Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programme, with the premise that each and every act everyone takes, no matter how small, is meaningful – and that lots of small changes add up to bigger change.

Clearly, this focus and approach are working because Situ was delighted to receive confirmation that the company reduced its carbon emissions by 15.46%* last year vs the baseline year of 2019-20.

This was assessed and confirmed by Carbon Footprint Ltd, who also helped Situ to offset 74 tonnes of carbon dioxide, double the amount produced. As a result, Carbon Footprint have awarded Situ the status of Carbon Neutral + Company. Phil Stapleton, Situ’s Managing Director, says, “We are pleased with this award, and really feel we are starting to help do our bit to combat climate change and sustain our environment for future generations. Of course, there is so much more to do, but we are excited to keep on making the small changes that do add up to make a difference.”

In addition,  working with their partner Do Nation, Situ has saved a further 590kg of carbon – equivalent to 62.8 flights from Glasgow to Amsterdam.  This was achieved through the Situ team’s pledges to make changes in their personal lives to live and act more sustainably – from drying clothes outdoors, and shopping locally to walking instead of using the car, as well as numerous other small changes – and it has all added up!

Do Nation have created an innovative pledge programme that helps organisations like Situ inspire their people, clients, guests, partners, and suppliers to act more sustainably at home and at work. At a time when 85% of people in the UK** are worried about climate change, Do Nation gives people the tools and encouragement they need to do something about it and take meaningful action together. The Situ team are all committing to yet more pledges and changes as they head into 2023. The Situ Sustainability Committee are leading the charge and creating some healthy competition by encouraging everyone to choose one of three teams to get behind – take your pick – Team Jody, Team Hannah, or Team Mike!

The Do Nation team are holding a panel discussion, ‘The Employee Greenprint:  a new way to think about employee engagement and sustainability in 2023’ on 1 February, between 12pm and 1pm. Join the session for some great debate and inspiration on how to start thinking differently.

* Based on its emissions per £M turnover.

** Ipsos


For all Situ media enquiries contact Jo Redman at Situ.


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Since 2008, Situ has been helping companies and organisations find the perfect accommodation for people when they’re on the move. Project team, corporate traveller, relocation assignee, global nomad – the title doesn’t matter. They’re all individuals who need somewhere to call home – when they aren’t at home. And that’s what Situ does all day every day, working to make finding and booking serviced accommodation effortless.

Situ offers a single point of contact for booking quality serviced accommodation in over 120 countries across the world. Only the most trusted professional hospitality providers and operators can join the Situ network, and every listing must pass a rigorous quality control first. Situ also offers the full reassurance that its core platforms, processes, and data are secure, robust, and accredited by external bodies such as ISO, IIP, and ISAAP.  Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s is as important to Situ as it is to their clients. Situ’s tech makes finding the accommodation you need effortless. Its platforms are intuitive, flexible, secure, and easily integrated to support automation and third-party partnerships.

But best of all? The Situ teams. They’re the cherry on the cherry on the cake. The ones who go above and beyond – but further – for every client. So whatever the Situ – whether it’s a one-off request or creating and managing a global multi-million-dollar corporate housing programme – they can sort it!

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