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Regular cadence is important for employee connection, says Grammarly Head of Workplace Experience and Connection

In the latest episode of Rewilding Work, hosted by Digital Workplace Group (DWG) founder and Chief Creative Officer Paul Miller, Tracy Hawkins, (VP) Global Head of Workplace Experience and Connection at Grammarly, shares a key insight into her experience of fostering an adaptive work environment at the tech start-up.

Speaking to Paul Miller, Tracy explains that employees’ connection with each other is incredibly important, especially post-COVID, where most people work either remotely or in some form of hybrid arrangement.

Noting that there is no one way of working, as all businesses operate differently, she details the current ‘remote-first hybrid’ approach that Grammarly has adopted, which sees employees meet up for a couple of weeks every quarter for meaningful alignment days. These gatherings boost and strengthen employees’ connections and maintain them through a period of remote working.

In the podcast, Tracy discusses what organizations can do to strengthen employee relationships and morale. This includes having scheduled days with the same employees to encourage continuity; at present many hybrid setups see employees going into the office, seeing different people each week, and ultimately carrying out work that could have been done from home, Tracy notes.

This is an interesting and topical insight, given that organizations and their employees are still working out the best way to utilize hybrid working environments following the return-to-work post-COVID. A recent study by Glassdoor found that 40% of remote workers reported that the virtual setup made it harder to connect with colleagues, and 31% struggled to build a relationship with their line manager or senior colleagues. This shows just how much the employee experience of the workplace should be a focus for employers.

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Formerly Head of Workplace and Remote Working at Twitter, as well as being an advisory board member at and more, Tracey joined Grammarly in January 2023. Paul Miller, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at DWG, launched Rewilding Work as an extension to his co-authored book Nature of Work. The video podcast series features examples of how organizations are bringing the living system approach to life through innovative approaches to sustainability, inclusion, wellbeing and purpose. DWG, formerly the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF), is at the forefront of innovation and best practice when it comes to all things digital workplace, counting the likes of Adobe, The Coca-Cola Group, Michelin, Nestlé and Wells Fargo as clients. With this in mind, in future episodes of Rewilding Work, you can expect leading insight from high-profile business leaders, with guest appearances confirmed from high-level executives at a number of big-name organisations.

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