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Prime partnership helps Professional Polishing Services shine after 40 years in business

A partnership between two West Midlands businesses has enabled a stainless steel polishing company to become the biggest of its kind in the UK as it clocks up 40 years in business.

Birmingham-based Professional Polishing Services credits its long-term relationship with Prime Accountants Group, which has offices in Solihull, Coventry and Birmingham, with securing its longevity after steering the business through expansion and diversification.

Its advice and guidance on exploring new markets and adapting for the future has enabled Professional Polishing Services to increase its annual turnover to just under £2 million per year.

Founded in 1983 by Peter Davies, the firm now polishes 25,000 tonnes of metal per year, with its most visible work being the bright polished cladding at Grand Central Station in Birmingham.

It has expanded its services into a wide range of industries, including the defence, medical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.

During the pandemic, the company was tasked with polishing steel for the tanks that were used to produce the Covid-19 vaccine, while its biggest areas of growth include the nuclear sector and the construction industry, as stainless steel and aluminium facades provide a safe alternative to cladding on buildings.

To accommodate the growth in demand, Prime Accountants has supported Professional Polishing Services with securing a capital expenditure grant for the purchase of a new £200,000 polishing machine.

It is also advising on the company’s ambitious plans to install solar panels at its Smethwick premises.

Kirsty Davies-Chinnock, managing director at Professional Polishing Services, said: “Our work isn’t just architectural it also provides a vital function, such as maintaining hygiene standards or preventing cross-contamination in the food and drink or pharmaceutical industries.

“Purchasing new polishing machinery has been vital for our growth, but with the cost of a new machine ranging from £200,000 to £500,000, it is a big investment for our business.

“Thanks to Prime’s guidance, we have successfully obtained a Capital Grant worth 12 per cent of our overall investment to support our latest purchase.

“The key to our partnership is that we don’t view Prime as our accountants, we view them as an extension of our own team and an additional member of our board; we have found they ask questions we haven’t thought of, which make us look more in depth at what we do and how we do it.

“Yes, they do the day-to-day tasks that are essential to keeping the company running, but they’ve been instrumental in helping us achieve our growth through investments and grants, and their ability to pivot at speed has proved essential during recent challenges such as the pandemic.”

Most recently, Professional Polishing Services has called on Prime Accountants’ support with meeting its ambitious sustainability goals – to be carbon neutral by 2025.


Kirsty, who is also chair of the British Stainless Steel Association, added: “We have set ourselves the huge goal of becoming carbon neutral and to help us reach this target we want to install solar panels on the roof of our factory.

“This will enable us to generate 30 per cent of the power we use and it will be a big step forward in helping us to reduce our carbon emissions.

“Unfortunately, due to the age of the building the current roof won’t support the weight of the solar panels, so we need to replace the roof at the same time as the panels are installed.

“As a working factory, and one of the only polishers in the UK to offer certain services, we are having to replace the roof while remaining operational, by only stopping work in certain areas of the building.

“Overall, the project will cost us £500,000 and will limit our capacity as a business while work is carried out, so Prime’s advice on funding and grants is proving instrumental with supporting us on our road to becoming carbon neutral.”

Kevin Johns, managing director at Prime Accountants Group, said: “As strong supporters of local business in the West Midlands, we are delighted Professional Polishing Services is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

“The diversification of the business and its ability to tap into new markets is the key to its longevity, and we are proud to have supported Kirsty and the team in reaching this significant milestone.”

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Russell Harbutt, Kirsty Davies-Chinnock and Rachpal Singh of Professional Polishing Services celebrating the company's 40th birthday

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