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Mansfield’s Datsa Gaile guest speaker at the Meta HQ Virtual Event

Datsa Gaile, the entrepreneur behind Solaair Sequin Walls UK, accepted her personal invitation to speak at Meta HQ Virtual Event Held in Austin, Texas, USA, on 9th May 2023. Datsa contributed, speaking as the ‘voice of a customer’ at a virtual event organised by the Meta team at their Texas headquarters. Participating from Mansfield, Datsa shared her business journey and real-world experiences of utilising social media platforms to fuel the growth of her business.

This is not the first time Datsa has delivered on the stage as a speaker for Meta. Last year, she was asked to be a distinguished guest speaker at the Meta Small Business Summit. She had the privilege of engaging in a private meeting with Rich Rao, the Small Business Group Vice President at Meta. This encounter opened doors for her, inviting her to participate in a small business event in Westminster, where she had the invaluable opportunity to connect with several members of the UK Parliament.

Additionally, Datsa’s expertise and insights were recognised on a global scale when she was featured in a Meta “Words of Wisdom” book. This publication was translated into multiple languages and distributed to network leaders worldwide, further establishing Datsa as an influential figure in her field. Since its establishment in November 2017, with an initial investment of only £1.50, Datsa’s entrepreneurial journey has inspired many globally.

Solaair Sequin Walls UK has flourished into a renowned luxury décor provider in the UK, reaching a pinnacle moment by supplying luxury panels for Adele’s unforgettable Brit Award performance in 2022. In addition to Solaair Sequin Walls UK, Datsa is also the driving force behind Standout Decor Ltd, a company specialising in installing larger interior and event projects.

Datsa said, “I am very grateful to Meta for this opportunity to share my story. Solaair Sequin Walls UK remains committed to realising customers’ dreams and visions, whether for a home, office, or event venue. We take great pleasure in transforming any space into a captivating interior or event showcase.”

Founded in 2017 by Datsa Gaile, All Things Decor Ltd/ Solaair Sequin Walls UK has emerged as a prominent luxury décor provider, offering top-quality, customisable sequin wall panels for various applications. They aim to help clients create stunning and memorable spaces through innovative and stylish decorative solutions. Standout Decor Ltd is a professional interior and event installation company specialising in executing larger projects for residential and commercial clients. With a team of skilled professionals, Standout Decor Ltd is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and transforming spaces through its expertise.

For further information about Solaair Sequin Walls UK or Standout Decor Ltd, visit the website.

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