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It’s a Barbie world: AI reimagines Barbie-inspired dolls in stereotypical ‘man’ jobs

Amidst the Barbie-fever that has hit the nation this week, AI has reimagined Barbie-inspired dolls in stereotypical ‘man’ jobs, such as lorry drivers, warehouse workers and more, in a bid to tackle the stereotypes surrounding these roles, and the wider logistics industry itself.

Using state-of-the-art AI programme MidJourney, recruitment campaign Generation Logistics has recreated male-dominated roles as Barbies reimagined, as it works to encourage more women to consider roles within this sector.

This follows research that less than ¼ of all logistics workers are women, and only 13% hold leadership positions¹.

With the film exploring gender roles, the patriarchy and objectification of women, these images show that Barbie, and women, are much more than that.

Barbie can do everything. She is a strong character who never crumbles under pressure and is a problem solver; all of the qualities that are so highly valued within the logistics sector.

Bethany Windsor, Programme Manager at Generation Logistics, commented: “The logistics sector has a huge breadth of job roles and opportunities available, to women as well as men! With over 90% of the country never considering this as a career path, we’re working hard to change that, and highlight the variety of roles needed in a sector that keeps the country running.

“There are many incredible women who are pursuing successful careers within the sector, and in turn helping to tackle the stereotype of it being a ‘man’s job’. We strongly encourage women who are interested in a role that offers international travel, training and development and competitive salaries, to seriously consider this sector as an opportunity for an amazing career!”

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Barbie reimagined as a train driver

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Generation Logistics is an industry led, government-backed initiative to increase industry awareness and find the next generation of logistics industry talent. Working in collaboration with companies and trade associations from across the sector, the campaign will challenge perceptions and demonstrate the breadth and diversity of the career opportunities available.

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