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How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service for Your Business

Getting your company’s news and announcements in front of the right audiences is critical for public relations success. An effective press release distribution service can make all the difference by delivering your message to key media contacts and industry influencers. With so many distribution options available today, how do you choose the best service for your business? Follow our step-by-step guide to selecting the ideal press release distribution platform.

Define the Goals of your Press Release

First, think about what you want to achieve through press release distribution. Are you hoping to increase website traffic, generate media coverage, boost brand awareness, or something else? Outline your specific goals so you can evaluate distribution services based on their ability to help you reach them.

Determine Your Target Audiences

Next, identify the audiences you most want your press release to reach. Do you need to get in front of consumers, business decision-makers, or trade media? Pinpointing your target groups will allow you to find distribution platforms with media databases that align with your outreach needs. Industry-specific distribution services may be ideal if you have a niche audience.

Research Press Release Distribution Options

Now you’re ready to start exploring distribution platforms. Leading providers include PR Newswire, Business Wire, and PRWeb. Compare services like:

– Media database size and composition – The larger and more targeted to your goals, the better.
– Distribution capabilities – Many provide access to major wire services like Associated Press and Dow Jones.
– Monitoring and reporting – Look for volume statistics and online visibility tracking.
– Additional features – Some offer Multimedia postings, search engine optimization, etc.

Evaluate Pricing Models

Press release distribution pricing varies, with typical models including:

– Per-release pricing – Cost per individual release distributed. Can range from $100-$1,000+ per release.
– Tiered packages – More releases for less per-release based on volume. Designed for frequent users.
– Annual subscriptions – For high-volume users with unlimited distribution up to a cap.

Compare pricing models based on your expected release frequency and budget. Per-release works well for occasional releases, while subscriptions better serve businesses with regular distribution needs.

Check Newsroom Publishing Options

The distribution service’s online newsroom where your release is hosted also matters. Look for newsrooms that are:

– Well-designed and mobile-responsive
– Optimized for search engine discovery
– Capable of housing multimedia content like images and videos
– Share-friendly with social media integration

The better the newsroom exposure, the greater your search visibility and brand reach.

Assess Reputation and Customer Support

It pays to vet a company’s reputation. Search for reviews and testimonials from current customers to evaluate satisfaction. Also reach out with questions about their onboarding, support services, and press release writing and optimization offerings to gauge responsiveness. The right partner will provide excellent guidance every step of the way.

Try Before You Buy

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of free trials that let you test out the distribution platform and newsroom before purchasing. Executing a trial release will help confirm the service can deliver on its promised reach. Be sure to evaluate the resulting metrics and pressroom visibility.

Analyze Results and Reporting

Speaking of metrics – press release monitoring and reporting should also guide your choice. Comprehensive analytics on views, clicks, downloads, referral traffic, and more will reveal how well your release performed. Regular digital clippings reports highlighting online pickups are invaluable for identifying publicity wins.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

As you weigh all factors – from audience targeting to newsroom capabilities – keep your original goals top of mind. Let those desired outcomes drive which press release distribution platform is best suited to get you the results you want. Maximizing reach to amplify your announcements requires finding the right strategic partner.

By taking this tailored approach to your selection process, you’ll be equipped to choose the press release distribution service that aligns with your budget and gives your content the widest possible visibility with audiences that matter most. Consistent and effective distribution will pay dividends for your PR efforts and business growth.

Here are some details on leading press release distribution services and newswires to add to the post:

Major Press Release Distribution Services

PR Newswire – Founded in 1954, PR Newswire is one of the most established press release distribution services. Key features include:

  • Media database of 1 million contacts
  • Distribution to major networks like Dow Jones and Associated Press
  • Multimedia press release options
  • Robust metrics and reporting
  • Professional release optimization

Business Wire – As another leader in the industry, Business Wire offers:

  • Guaranteed same-day distribution
  • Patented NX network delivers to newsrooms, databases, websites
  • Region-specific distribution available
  • Online newsroom includes multimedia options
  • Indexing on Google News

PRWeb – PRWeb prioritizes digital reach and real-time analytics such as:

  • Ranking distributions to search and news sites
  • Social sharing capabilities
  • SEO optimization
  • Podcast distribution
  • Real-time performance metrics

Newswire Services

GlobeNewswire – A major wire service providing:

  • Global press release distribution
  • Targeting of industry trade media
  • Multimedia press room support
  • Translation into 14 languages

Earned Media Advantage – Offers:

  • Custom distribution list building
  • SEC disclosure filing
  • Print/online monitoring
  • Automated social sharing

Looking at the offerings from these leading newswires and press release distribution platforms allows you to compare services and select the right solution for your PR needs.



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