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Firms urged to review website content as “game-changing” AI chatbots get set to rewrite the future

A Nottingham digital marketing agency is urging companies not to delay reviewing the content on their websites to ensure they are not caught out by the introduction of AI chatbots and a change in the way search results are presented.

Repeat Digital, based in Bramley Road, Long Eaton, says the introduction of so-called writing bots, such such as Chat GPT – which has been part-funded by Microsoft – and its rival Google’s Bard is “game-changing” because of the impact they will have on the way websites perform in online searches.

Chat GPT has caused a sensation since it was released last year, thanks to the way it uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate blogs and stories that appear to have been written by a human being.

It was developed and launched by OpenAI and promises to make life easier for anybody who wants to generate quality copy quickly and cost-efficiently for their websites and marketing material.

However, Rob Sherwood, commercial director at Repeat Digital, says it is the way in which the technology is set to be applied in web searches by Google and Bing – which is owned by Microsoft – which promises to cause the biggest changes.

This is because it is central to generating information for zero-click searches, which provides answers to questions typed into search engines without users having to be redirected to websites giving them the information they need.

This has led some experts to conclude that there is no longer a need for companies to fill their websites with stories designed to answer questions in the hope that they will appear in searches.

But their gloomy prediction is premature, says Rob, who says that search-optimised copy will still be important, but that the way it is written will have to change.

He said: “There has been plenty of media coverage on the ability that chat bots have to write articles or blogs in a matter of seconds on all manner of topics under the sun, but the technology comes into its own when it comes to generating zero-click search results.

“They will change how we create web content, however, SEO techniques will still be important, because there will still be suggested sites for users to click onto for more information and they will be ranked by how unique and ‘human’ they are.

“As a result, while content creators will be able to use Chat bots to write their pieces, they will need to then amend it to ensure that it has the right feel that Google and Bing are looking for, as well as reviewing the content for possible misinformation and factual errors.

“We’re used to being at the mercy of Google’s algorithms, but this is a game-changer and companies who’ve invested in SEO in their websites will need to review their content to ensure that they do not fall down the rankings.”

Repeat was founded by entrepreneur Olly Fisher in 2017 and offers a number of online services, including pay-per-click and SEO for a range of companies in a range of sectors, including legal, manufacturing and ecommerce industries.

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Rob Sherwood, commercial director at Repeat Digital, says the introduction of AI Chatbots is a game-changing development that will affect the way web searches are conducted, meaning companies need to change the way they prepare their content.

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