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eXroid Receives a King’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2023

eXroid receives a King’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2023 – The clinical procedure that’s changing lives

WINNER: King’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation 2023.

His Majesty The King has approved the Prime Minister’s recommendation that eXroid Technology receive a King’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category this year.

eXroid Technology Ltd is one of the first companies to be awarded a King’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation. This accolade represents a milestone for the company as we reach for new heights and strive for better: for our patients, for our partners and for future sufferers.

This prestigious accolade has been awarded to eXroid for their work in developing a highly safe and effective, fully ambulatory treatment for haemorrhoid sufferers, meaning that they are no longer faced with a choice of treatment options that are known to be extremely painful and carry risks of complications, to become symptom free. The eXroid® procedure has advanced the science and understanding of the disease which affects around 9% of the UK population each year to improve the patient pathway for all sufferers.


What are the Kings awards?

The newly renamed King’s Award for Enterprise celebrates outstanding achievement by UK businesses and is internationally recognised. It was established during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and conferred in Her Late Majesty’s name, has been renamed to reflect King Charles III’s Accession.

Throughout Her Late Majesty’s 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II was committed to recognising outstanding work and acts of service by individuals and groups. By attaching His Majesty’s name to these awards, The King has emphasised his desire to continue Queen Elizabeth’s legacy of recognising outstanding businesses.


Winners continue to be successful

Since the Award’s inception in 1965 more than 7,000 companies have been awarded. In contrast, nearly 60,000 entries have been received, meaning less than 12% of entries will end up winning an award. The largest category in the awards is the INTERNATIONAL TRADE category, which makes up over half the entires each year. This year just xx (yy%) of awards were given in the category of INNOVATION – with eXroid being one of these.

Since 2020, there have only been 26 winners in the South East of England in the INNOVATION category.

We are in good company – with previous winners going on to achieve continued success.


A message from our founder and fellow sufferer

After discovering and being successfully treated with this innovative procedure Graham made it his objective to make it available for all sufferers. His pride in receiving this award is only exceeded by the gratitude he has for the team who have worked tirelessly to make this business a success.

“eXroid is a ‘life changing’ option for anyone suffering from this common and debilitating condition. It changed my life and it’s been my mission to make it available for everyone else out there who is suffering. The team and capability we have built has been way beyond my expectations. We have an unbelievable culture and we are all committed to improve the clinical science and availability of safe effective care for this condition, across the globe.”

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Ross Page - Patient Services Officer, Bonney Hallett - Director of Marketing & D2C Services, Graham Bason - Founder & Commercial Executive Director, Lisa Ellerker - Finance & Commercial Director and Michael Wilshaw - Managing Director

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Content and copy available upon request for: INTERVIEWS: Chair, Medical Director & eXroid practitioner, Dr Mark Hudson-Peacock Founder & sufferer Graham Bason Managing Director, Michael Wilshaw CASE STUDY: Real eXroid Patient stories, told in their own words, as well as the clinical outcome recorded by their treating consultant. Or….why not find a fellow sufferer in your team and send them along for a treatment and document their journey to help raise awareness? SUFFERER RESEARCH: We spoke to sufferers across the UK to understand the emotional and physical impact haemorrhoids has on their lives and the struggles faced navigating the treatment pathway. We uncovered some insights and stats to seed into articles. Company Website:

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