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Cloudify Unveils the Visma e-conomic Sync App on Pipedrive Marketplace, Revolutionizing Sales and Accounting Process Integration

Cloudify, your dependable ally in trailblazing integration and automation solutions, is delighted to announce the release of our newest application, the Visma e-conomic Sync App on the Pipedrive marketplace. This ground-breaking tool is designed to optimize sales and invoicing processes, delivering transformative change to businesses in the digital era.


The Visma e-conomic Sync App seamlessly connects Pipedrive and Visma e-conomic, allowing businesses to harmonize their sales deals and invoices within a unified solution. The outcome is a polished, intuitive interface for managing sales data and automating invoice creation, resulting in enhanced data quality and operational efficiency.


Cloudify CEO Steve Klein, states, “The Visma e-conomic Sync App brings sales and accounting automation to the forefront, decreasing the need for manual intervention and ensuring customer information stays accurate and current across both platforms. This integration is an essential instrument for businesses aiming to enrich their sales and invoicing workflows.”


Salient features of our Visma e-conomic Sync App include:

  • Automatic creation of customers and invoices in e-conomic from Pipedrive deals
  • The ability to attach the e-conomic invoice PDF and ID to Pipedrive deal notes
  • Option to replay failed integration from the deal notes in Pipedrive, where we have the logs. Please note that it is a replay option not restart.
  • User-friendly interface, facilitating easy tracking of the deal progress and referencing of the invoice.


Our Visma e-conomic Sync App provides a flexible platform for managing deals and creating customers and invoices in e-conomic, directly from Pipedrive. This gives businesses the capacity to tailor the integration to their unique needs, ensuring efficient and precise data synchronization between the two systems.


The Visma e-conomic Sync App assures data consistency, mitigates the chance of errors, and liberates valuable time for businesses. By creating customers and invoices automatically, the app prevents duplication of entries and maintains data accuracy, thus reducing the chance of errors.


Additionally, our solution includes a user-friendly re-trigger option for failed integrations, allowing users to easily rectify and re-run the process directly from Pipedrive.


In summary, the Visma e-conomic Sync App is an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to automate their sales and accounting processes, enhance data quality, and minimize manual work. With its robust features and intuitive interface, the app is the ideal solution for businesses seeking to fine-tune their sales and accounting operations.


The Visma e-conomic Sync App is now available on the Pipedrive Marketplace. To learn more about this innovative solution and how it can streamline your business processes, please visit the Pipedrive Marketplace.


About Cloudify:

Cloudify’s vision is to digitalize businesses, equipping them with the necessary technological infrastructure and processes to facilitate both short-term and long-term growth. This ethos shapes our every move.

At Cloudify, we provide a comprehensive perspective on your business, transforming your technological infrastructure with modern systems and process automation. We serve as the bridge between your business vision and the technological infrastructure, providing essential tools to make your vision a reality.

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