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Bearth Wins ‘Tech for the Planet’ Award at Digital Leaders 2023 Impact Awards

Bearth is thrilled to announce that it has won the ‘Tech for the Planet’ award at the Digital Leaders 2023 Impact Awards.

The Digital Leaders Impact Awards celebrate the digital technology innovations that improve people’s lives and the world. The awards ceremony was held at the vibrant Media City UK in Manchester and brought together some of the most innovative and passionate people and companies dedicated to creating impactful and scalable solutions. The event celebrated the incredible power of technology to make a positive impact on our planet and communities.

“We are honoured to receive this award. This recognition is a testament to the tireless dedication of our team and our mission to make effective climate action achievable for everyone” said George Kassab, CFO at Bearth.

Bearth’s a sustainability-focused technology company, working on innovative solutions to empower individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint through user-friendly digital tools. The company’s vision is to create a world where climate action is at everyone’s fingertips. “Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our world today,” said George. “We are committed to leveraging technology to make a real difference in the fight against climate change, and this award is a significant milestone in our journey.”

Bearth thanks the Digital Leaders team for hosting the event and recognising the importance of technology in creating a sustainable future. The company also extends its gratitude to its supporters and everyone who believes in its mission.

About Bearth Solutions:
Bearth is an early stage start-up focused on building solutions to make effective climate action achievable to everyone. The company has built an app to help individuals understand, manage and reduce their personal carbon footprint based on real-time, accurate and effortless carbon footprint tracking. Bearth also helps companies to measure, reduce and communicate the carbon footprint of their products and services with the carbon label.

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Bearth's CFO, George Kassab, receiving the award for the Tech For The Planet Category at Media City UK.

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According to the IPCC’s latest reports on climate change, individuals have the potential and responsibility of reducing their emissions by up to 70% in the next decade. Our mission at Bearth is to make climate action achievable to everyone and the Bearth app will help fulfil this purpose. The app automatically estimates carbon emissions on a product-by-product basis by tracking online receipts, and enabling users to understand, manage, and reduce their environmental impact by associating consumption choices with their underlying carbon footprint. Individuals do not need an inaccurate estimate of their whole carbon footprint to make changes – we believe this leads to more obvious conclusions such as cycle to work and fly less. To effectively reduce one’s carbon footprint, a better approach is providing a reasonable amount of specific and accurate data points, in other words, “going deep, not wide”. This is why the Bearth app provides product-by-product carbon footprint data, which is precisely what enables the process of developing stronger carbon literacy. With its user-friendly interface, you can gain a deeper understanding of the key drivers of your carbon footprint and make changes that matter. Imagine embarking on a round-trip to Miami, only to find out through the app that it is contributing for a staggering 20% of your annual carbon footprint. You probably know that your protein choices also play a crucial role. A shift to a plant-based diet can significantly reduce food-related emissions by 50% on average. But have you ever stopped to consider the difference between chicken and cheese? Surprisingly, chicken has half the carbon footprint of cheese, and this can easily be seen with real-life examples from your shopping basket. This reporting system empowers you to make informed decisions by comparing your purchases in carbon terms. You may be shocked to learn that buying just 3kg of chocolate has the same environmental impact as filling up the tank of your car, and while connecting flights may seem convenient or much cheaper, they can significantly increase the emissions of your trip by 50%, due to the added take-off and landing processes and extra mileage flown. We believe this can help the end consumers factor carbon into their lifestyle and consumption choices, and start thinking if there are emission-intensive goods that wouldn’t make much of a difference if they gave up. These are all insights that can be derived by the effortless carbon reporting in the app. The Bearth algorithm is being built retailer by retailer, integrating the most emission intensive, high purchase frequency goods and services first. Currently, the app automatically tracks emissions from air travel, ride sharing apps and amazon purchases – our next integration is set to be grocery retailers. Also, users can manually add emissions from power, natural gas and fuel.

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