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Aspiring Barrister’s Legal Career Inspired by Sister’s Medical Negligence Battle.

An aspiring barrister has spoken about her mission to help society’s most vulnerable following the recent death of her sister whose life was marred by potential medical negligence.


23-year-old Febienne Green says she was inspired by the profound impact of legal representation, after seeing her mum’s fight for justice on behalf of her late sister who passed away aged 16.


Naomi was born with Down’s syndrome and a malrotated bowel which ruptured when she was 5 months old, resulting in a life of seizures and hospital visits.


Believing something could have been done to prevent it, Febienne who lives in Crewe, was motivated by her mother’s unwavering determination to battle for Naomi’s care, which fuelled her passion for clinical negligence.


“I miss my sister dearly and it doesn’t feel real not having her around. Her life taught me the power of perseverance and the importance of seeking justice,” said Febienne.


“I was deeply moved by my mother’s resilience and her dedication to fight for Naomi’s rights.

“Growing up witnessing the challenges my family faced, I knew I had to do something. No firm wanted to take on my sister’s case, so my mother’s search for answers highlighted to me the importance of access to justice.”

Febienne’s educational path was not without its challenges either as a few years after being born in Stoke-on-Trent, she moved with her dad to Ireland at the age of 7 before shifting to the coastal village of Keadue Lower.


She would then take a ferry to school every morning from Burtonport to the remote island of Arranmore.


With only a hundred students, her secondary school, Gairmscoil Mhic Diarmada, provided a unique learning environment where often she stood as the sole individual in her class.


Overcoming her own dyslexia, Febienne left island-life behind to become the first of her 6 siblings to go to university, graduating with a 2:1 LLB Hons degree from Keele University in June 2021.

During her time in higher education, she also spent 2 years doing pro bono work for Community Legal Outreach Collaboration Keele (CLOCK) to assist litigants in court.

“Most people get the bus to school, but I crossed an ocean,” she added. “It did get choppy at times, and very occasionally I would see dolphins swimming beside us. It was far from your regular school commute.


“My school was tiny also. There were a few occasions where I’d be the only one in my class. My dyslexia meant I had to work extra hard because it would take me time to process certain things.


“When I was diagnosed with the learning disability during university, I was relieved because I knew something wasn’t quite right all those years, but it didn’t stop my dream of being a barrister.”


Committed to the law, Febienne later undertook the Bar training course at BPP University, Manchester, completing it successfully within a year. She began working as a paralegal at Barings Law in July 2022 while writing her master’s dissertation on the treatment of persons with disabilities – namely Down’s syndrome.


She is now encouraging others who are facing adversity never to give up on their dreams:


“The path to success is rarely smooth, but it’s the obstacles we overcome that make our victories all the more worthwhile,” she said. “My advice is don’t let adversity dim your ambition; let it fuel your drive to achieve greatness.


“My mother and sister’s resilience and determination may have sparked my ambition, but it was my dad’s guidance and support that assisted me in getting to where I am. I was raised by my dad who taught me many things including discipline in education and fighting for your dreams.


“I’m sure Naomi will be proud of what I’m doing. But my work isn’t done yet.”


Barings Law Managing Director, Craig Cooper, said:


“Febienne’s dedication and determination is truly commendable. Her personal experiences have given her a unique perspective and unwavering drive to make a difference in the lives of others.


“As a member of Barings Law, Febienne embodies the firm’s core values of integrity and compassion. Her empathy and commitment to her clients have made her an invaluable asset, further reinforcing our position as one of the North-West’s leading law firms.”

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