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Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Aesir Adds Support for top cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Kucoin

Crypto trading platform Aesir unveils support for top cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Kraken. Users can now algorithmically trade cryptocurrency on Binance, Coinbase and Kraken using Aesir’s brand new trading platform.

Aesir provides a unique, user-friendly platform that empowers individuals to develop, test and run algorithmic trading strategies on the cryptocurrency market. Users can leverage pre-existing profitable strategies created by other users or craft their own tailored strategies without any technical or coding expertise.

The integration with Coinbase and Kraken furthers Aesir’s  commitment to delivering flexibility, variety, and ease of choice to its users when selecting their exchange of preference. These exchanges, known for their significant user base, strict security measures, and regulatory compliance, will now be available for integration via API within the Aesir ecosystem, allowing users to seamlessly connect their Coinbase or Kraken accounts to the Aesir Crypto platform and execute trades using their algorithms.

Co-founder of Aesir, Andrei Badoiu, stated:  “We’ve only just launched and we still have a long way ahead of us. We have bold ideas for the future, and we’re committed to revolutionise algorithmic cryptocurrency trading forever. Adding additional exchange support is a significant step for us in that direction.”

Andrei Continued: “We want to provide our users with all the tool they need in order to succeed, and we’re incredibly excited that even as an MVP, Aesir has been received rather positively. We will keep on building, and adding new and disruptive features to our ecosystem.”

Aesir offers a unique set of trading tools called Logic Layers, because users can “stack” multiple trading signals on top of each other. By default aesir comes with 3 types of Logic layers included:

The Volatility layer allows traders to create trading bots based on market volatility. For instance, users can choose to buy any coins on Coinbase that have experienced more than 5% price volatility in the last 5 minutes. Naturally, these values can be modified to fit specific use cases.

The Computed Oscillators layer works by using TradingView signals. Here users can choose to place a buy order if a certain number of indicators return a positive signal.

The Technical Analysis layer allows users to create complex TA logic by defining the exact point at which certain indicators return a buy signal.

“The cool thing about Aesir is that you can stack all of these layers on top of one another, creating truly unique signals” Andrei added.

In addition to the logic layers Aesir includes a paper trading mode where users can test their strategies in a simulated environment before deploying them on the live market. Aesir also supports CopyTrading, allowing users to view, and clone profitable crypto trading bot straight from the application’s social hub.

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