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6 Fantastic travel pillows for comfortable trips

These travel pillows will you give you extra support and comfort on your travels

Comfort is naturally sought out by people in everyday life, but especially when travelling.  While it may not be that big of an issue on short haul trips, for frequent travellers or people commuting for several hours, it can easily become a big aspect of travel.

As we all know, trains and planes aren’t inherently the most comfortable methods of transport (unless you’re in business class), so most of us need to make the best of the seats we’re allocated. However, this doesn’t mean we have to settle for discomfort on trips, because travel pillows are a simple and inexpensive means of ensuring journeys feel just that bit more comfortable.


1. Life Hall travel pillow

This travel pillow has an emphasis on style as well as comfort, with a high-quality and super soft velour exterior for support and convenience. Another feature is an ergonomic lobe design as opposed to a U-shape for the pillow itself, aiming to allow you to lean more naturally against the pillow with more flexibility.


2. Ecosafeter travel pillow

The Ecosafeter pillow looks a bit bulkier than your standard travel pillow, but it’s still compact and lightweight for easy portability. Also having high-rebound memory foam, as a feature, it can return to its original shape and depth quicker than standard normal memory foam.

It also has a removable cover and a raised profile, designed to provide 360-degree support for the head and spine, for those travelling on short or long-haul trips. The pillow itself comes in four different colour finishes as well.


3.  trtl coral neck pillow

From the offset you may notice a unique design for this pillow, with it looking more like a just a semicircular cover that’s wrapped around your neck. But the aim is still the same—to provide optimal neck and head support while you travel.

At 125grams, the cover is incredibly light and smaller than other travel pillows, which makes it perfect for taking on the go. With its more vertical design it’s ideal to avoiding stiff necks and sore shoulders when travelling.


4. Eono neck pillow

If you’re after a well-designed, orthopedic neck pillow to see you through journeys, this Eono offering may be the one for you, with good quality and elastic, high-rebound memory foam. Part of its design includes 360-degree support as well as four points of neck support and three points for resting your head in.

It also has a removable pillowcase for easy cleaning and maintenance and a handy pocket for storing a phone or power bank if needed.


5. Amazon Basics memory foam pillow

With this Amazon Basics pillow you’ll get a no-frills pillow made from memory foam, designed to adapt and mould to your body as you wear it. It also has an elastic strap for easy carrying on the go and a closed zip function as well.

The pillow comes in black, gray or navy blue and is also machine washable.


6. BCOZZY neck pillow

Combining the best of both worlds with a wrap-around and traditional travel pillow design, this pillow aims to provide extra support for your neck, preventing pain, stiffness and soreness. The pillow is also adjustable and can be folded and shaped into the most comfortable positions, whether that’s as more of a pillow or as a wrap-around.

It’s also fully machine washable, making it easy to maintain and small enough to conveniently take with you on your travels.

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