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WFTV announce 7 women in Scotland taking part in its 2023 Film & TV Mentoring Scheme

Seven women based in Scotland have been selected to take part in this year’s Women in Film and TV Four Nations Mentoring Scheme, sponsored by Netflix. The scheme is designed for mid-career women working in film, television and creative media looking to take that next big step in their career.

Screenwriter Ali Taylor; Assistant Producer Alice Black; Screenwriter Joanne Sneddon; Digital PD Kath Pick; Creative Producer Leah Carroll; Editor Michelle Lord and Content Creator for Children and Young Audiences Sacha Kyle were selected from hundreds of applicants across the four nations. They will join 34 mentees from England, Northern Ireland and Wales for this intensive six-month programme which pairs each of the participants alongside senior industry professionals for one-to-one mentoring; as well as bespoke careers and personal development training.

Netflix continues its support of the scheme in Scotland through its Fund for Creative Equity, which is dedicated to helping build new opportunities for underrepresented communities within entertainment.

Director and Exec Producer Karen Kelly oversees the WFTV mentoring programme in Scotland, she said: “This is the third year we have run the prestigious WFTV mentoring scheme in Scotland and it is getting more and more competitive each year to secure a place given the scheme’s impressive reputation in the industry.

“We are grateful to our amazing mentors this year, all industry professionals at the top of their profession who have agreed to give so generously of their time to support the next generation of creative women working in this competitive sector. This year’s mentors include Claire Armspach, Lou Lockwood, Sarah Brown, Nikki Parrot, Sarah Drummond, Joe Roe and Catherine Williams.”

Katie Bailiff, CEO of WFTV, said “We’re delighted to launch the 2023 mentoring scheme across the four nations of the UK – it’s going from strength to strength and past outcomes show us that the scheme’s ingredients successfully unlock our mentees’ potential – enabling them to become the next generation of industry leaders.”

Heading up the scheme is WFTV’s new Director of Mentoring Sarah Wright, former Group Director of Acquisitions and Sky Cinema, UK & ROI.  Sarah Wright said, “I’m really excited to put together a sheer powerhouse of brilliant woman from all parts of the Film and TV business – from producers, directors and writers, to editors, costume designers, hair & make-up artists, cinematographers, casting producers, crew managers, marketeers, agents and stunt performers.

“Together, with the help of their mentors and the brilliant programme of events that WFTV scheme offers, they will form a diverse and immensely talented cohort to be reckoned with in the industry.”

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The WFTV Scottish Mentees for 2023 Film and TV Scheme with WFTV Scottish Producer Karen Kelly

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