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Warwickshire-based Aeristech spearheading hydrogen-powered initiatives in the transportation industry for a sustainable future

29th August 2023, Warwickshire, UK – In a bold step towards revolutionising the transportation industry and addressing the pressing need for decarbonisation, Warwickshire based Aeristech is at the forefront of multiple pioneering projects and collaborations harnessing the power of hydrogen as a clean energy source.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Duncan Kerr, Aeristech emphasizes the urgency of transitioning to sustainable energy solutions. ‘’The imperative to combat climate change by decarbonising energy production is undeniable. The journey towards a greener world necessitates a seismic shift, and hydrogen is the catalyst for this transformative evolution. Aeristech’s oil-free air-bearing compressor technology is a crucial innovation in making sustainable transportation a reality.’’ highlights Duncan Kerr.

Project HEIDI: Decarbonising Public Transportation by 2026
Aeristech’s active involvement in Project HEIDI, a £12.7m part government funded collaborative endeavour within a UK consortium, aims to propel the adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy source in the transportation sector. Focused on retrofitting London’s iconic double-decker buses with advanced H2FC (hydrogen fuel cell) systems, Project HEIDI is set to significantly reduce carbon emissions. Aeristech is supplying their oil-free, power-dense compressors to the fuel cell system which will greatly improve efficiency. This emission-free energy conversion process is projected to save nearly 6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, offering a green alternative that is both economically viable and environmentally responsible.

H2Gear: Pioneering Hydrogen Propulsion in Aviation by 2025
Partnering with GKN Aerospace on the ambitious H2Gear initiative, Aeristech is leading the development of hydrogen-based propulsion technologies for the aviation industry. This 5-year project, bolstered by funding from Innovate UK, seeks to transform air travel by significantly reducing carbon emissions. The innovative system being developed promises to revolutionise the aerospace sector’s sustainability practices, marking a crucial step towards greener skies.

Project Trident: Powering Heavy-Duty Applications with Green Hydrogen by 2030
The transportation industry’s heavy-duty applications, including HGVs and Off Highway vehicles, face a unique challenge of delivering sustained performance while minimizing emissions. Aeristech’s partnership with Cummins in Project Trident is poised to redefine this sector. By designing and developing an electric oil-free compressor for fuel cell stacks, the project aims to introduce decarbonised powertrains for heavy-duty applications by 2030. This forward-looking collaboration is set to drive efficiency and sustainability in energy usage across these critical segments.

Aeristech’s initiatives in the transportation industry underscore the transformative potential of hydrogen power as an energy carrier. These projects—HEIDI, H2Gear, and Trident—epitomise the spirit of innovation required to achieve a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future. With the global momentum towards hydrogen-based energy gaining unprecedented traction, Aeristech’s leadership and collaborations are ushering in a new era of transportation that is both technologically advanced and environmentally conscious.

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About Aeristech:
Aeristech is a company based in Warwickshire, UK known for its patented technology of high-speed motors ideal for compressor applications. Positioning the region as the engineering hub of the UK, their technology enables them to make the world’s fastest accelerating and most power-dense permanent magnet variable speed electric motors in industry.

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