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Vidicode UK Unveils Transformative Approach to Call Recording and Analysis

Vidicode UK, a leading provider of call recording solutions, announces its enhanced speech analytics solution, VoiceCrunch AI. This solution revolutionises how businesses harness the power of recorded calls for transformative change.

VoiceCrunch AI includes a dynamic new user interface featuring over 40 distinct user-defined criteria for call retrieval. This includes precise word and phrase search capabilities, the ability to search by emotions such as silences, sentiments, talk style, tone, and volume, and automatic call transcription.

“At Vidicode UK, our mantra ‘Record, Analyse, Transform’ drives our commitment to empowering businesses with actionable insights to boost customer service, improve regulatory compliance and offer irrefutable evidence of who said what during crucial conversations,” stated Everton Stuart, Founder and Managing Director of Vidicode UK.

Vidicode UK also introduces the updated VoiceCrunch AI emblem, showcasing the company’s steadfast commitment to extracting insights from conversations and promoting “Conversational Intelligence” through advanced speech analytics.

“We’ve consistently provided customers with innovative features like free pause record for payments over the phone (PCI), stop recording for GDPR and free screen capture to enable deeper insights into business performance,” added Stuart. VoiceCrunch AI elevates customers’ capacity to swiftly locate calls and respond effectively, cutting wasted time, enhancing compliance, and boosting operational efficiency.”

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Vidicode UK: A Brief History Vidicode was formed in The Netherlands over 30 years ago; it is a company driven by a passion for functional technology and customer solutions that are easy to implement and maintain. In 2015, Everton Stuart founded Vidicode UK after a successful career at call recording manufacturer Retell and, in 2023, purchased the Intellectual Property rights to Retell, which had ceased trading. Backed by Vidicode HQ’s design and manufacturing team and a UK-based admin and technical support team, Vidicode UK continues to drive change in the call recording industry with transformative solutions, including speech analytics with transcription, Microsoft Teams call recording, E-SIM mobile recording and more. Vidicode UK sells a range of call recording solutions, from a single desk to multiple lines, through its partners and resellers in the telecoms and IT arena. Vidicode UK systems are used by a wide range of customers, including market research, lone worker companies, insurance companies, car dealerships, doctors’ surgeries, and airport security.

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