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TV psychologist set to teach Culinary Psychology course at Harvard for fourth year in a row

A PSYCHOLOGIST is going back to Harvard for the fourth year in a row after his course was approved yet again.

Renowned psychologist and pioneer of Culinary Psychology Stelios Kiosses, from Wolverley, Kidderminster, has successfully renewed his course at Harvard Extension School for the fourth year in a row.

The course, which delves into the intricate relationship between nutrition, food, and brain function, will commence from September 2024, continuing to provide invaluable knowledge to students interested in the field.

Stelios, who has dedicated years to exploring the impact of food on mental health, expressed his delight at the opportunity to continue teaching at one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions.

He said: “I am thrilled and honoured to have the chance to share my passion for Culinary Psychology with the students at Harvard Extension School once again. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness their enthusiasm and curiosity as they delve into this fascinating subject.”

His initial idea for the course took shape at Simpson’s Restaurant in Birmingham, where he developed engaging activities and group therapy sessions.

This experience was further amplified when it was featured in the hit series The Hoarder Next Door. The recognition garnered from this exposure not only showcased Stelios’ pioneering work but also drew attention to the significance of Culinary Psychology in addressing mental well-being.

There, he developed innovative group therapy sessions and engaging activities for students and soon realised the significant need for education surrounding the connection between food and mental well-being. He collaborated with Chef Andreas Antona, whose unique perspective and expertise have served as an inspiration throughout his journey.

Stelios said: “Working closely with the chef, I witnessed first-hand the powerful impact that food can have on our emotions, cognitive functions, and overall mental health.

“It became clear to me that there was a profound need to bring this knowledge into the academic realm, where it could benefit a wider audience and contribute to the growing field of Culinary Psychology.”

In addition to his teaching endeavours, Stelios is also set to release a book centred around the subject of Culinary Psychology.

This publication aims to shed light on the profound influence of nutrition and food on mental well-being, providing readers with practical insights and strategies to optimize their own mental health through mindful eating.

Stelios’ unique approach to culinary education has garnered widespread recognition and praise, earning him a prominent place among the leading voices in the field. With the renewal of his course at Harvard Extension School, he continues to inspire and educate a new generation of students eager to explore the fascinating intersection of food and the human brain.

Stelios Kiosses’ upcoming book on Culinary Psychology is a collaborative effort with esteemed individuals from the field. Co-authored with Professor Beth Frates from Harvard Medical School and Chef Neil Rippington, both of whom are co-instructors with Kiosses at Harvard, this publication promises to be a comprehensive resource that brings together diverse perspectives and expertise.

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