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‘The Accelerator Process’ – the winning marketing formula for your business says Richard Jaggs

We’ve heard about the ‘Accelerator Theory’ and the ‘Accelerator Effect,’ but Richard Jaggs, MD of Devizes-based marketing and creative consultancy, Resolution Design, has been implementing his ‘Accelerator Process’ into his client’s work since he first opened his company’s doors in 2007. Gearing up to celebrate over 15 years in production, what does Richard mean by the ‘Accelerator Process’ and how has it, over the years, become part of his day-job DNA?

What is the ‘Accelerator Process’? 

We’ve identified four key stages that apply to all businesses, and each one must be considered and completed before the next one can begin; Discovery, Brand, Website, and Marketing. This is the ‘Accelerator Process’ and it provides a pathway for a successful transformational journey.

Without this guidance, it’s easy to make a mistake. The most common one is to start working on aspects of your marketing too soon. We ensure each stage is completed before moving forward.

Why are all stages equal? 

The website is the hub of your company’s marketing and new business activity will result in visits to your website. But you can’t get here without acknowledging what you want to offer and what your business is all about. Being clear at the get-go will avoid confusion later down the road. We are brand creation specialists and can help get your brand established.

Can it be one size fits all? 

Taking a step back and asking yourself what you want to achieve seems a simple process, but you will be surprised how many businesses don’t do it – particularly with their marketing plans. Something that may have worked once upon a time may not be effective as it was, and there are always new initiatives to explore depending on the audience that you want to reach.

Why is it something you swear by? 

We specialise in supporting start-ups to grow to become SMEs, and I’ve found having these four phases allows us to keep on track with critical planning and strategy management. We operate with a brief-to-delivery business model where our artistic talents work alongside our professional decisions, thus, there is little room for error. The beauty of the ‘Accelerator Process’ is that the sky’s the limit, and any company of any size can apply it to its creative (or business) strategy. We are pioneers in scaling up our client’s brands, so we should expect our processes to evolve too.

Why is it an exciting time to be a business owner? 

Resolution Design is celebrating over 15 years and we’ve seen lots of change since we first left London for the South West –  possibly just in the last 3 years. Hybrid working models, embracing the latest technology, and thinking of new ways for us and our clients to become more innovative.

The #GreatResignation led a generation to the idea they didn’t have to conform to the corporate lifestyle thrust upon them, which has created a new appetite for how we do business. The support and guidance on offer to budding entrepreneurs from other companies are phenomenal. I wish I had these opportunities when I first started out.


What’s next for Resolution Design? 

We are about to expand our marketing offer with PR and brand communication services, something which we are excited about and we are confident can benefit our clients. We are committed to growth as we are all still adjusting to the post-pandemic landscape, and this final component under the marketing umbrella will enable us to offer the whole package.

Resolution Design is a marketing and design agency based in Devizes, Wiltshire.



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Richard Jaggs, MD of Devizes-based marketing agency, Resolution Design

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The foundations for Resolution Design were born after Becky & Richard Jaggs moved from London to Wiltshire with their young family. Richard was working for a US software company and Becky was an established graphic designer. In 2007 they decided to found a design agency to help dynamic businesses launch and grow… a friendly, ethical agency delivering great work… and an antidote to corporate culture! Since then Resolution has thrived and partnered with many businesses in the UK and overseas, delivering overt, measurable marketing success, along with gaining extensive experience in a range of sectors including Leisure & Hospitality, Professional Services, Design & Technology, and Food & Drink.

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