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Solicitors Call To Mp’s: Backing George’s Law Will Ease Suffering For Thousands Of Grieving Parent

MPs have been urged to back a bill which would provide statutory leave for parents who suffer the loss of a child under 24 weeks.

The Miscarriage Leave Bill – known as George’s Law – is due to have its second reading in the House of Commons tomorrow (FRIDAY).

Ahead of the vote, a crusading solicitor who has lost three children in the space of three years said it’s time for a law-change.

Keeley Lengthorn, a partner with Taylor Rose MW Solicitors, has been campaigning on this issue alongside the SNP MP Angela Crawley, who drafted the bill.

Calling for cross-party support on the issue, Keeley said: “Now is the time to turn talk into action, and bring about change. For every year that passes without the law changing, thousands more men and women will needlessly suffer. Allowing people statutory time off will help individuals and families to cope with one of the most difficult experiences that they will go through in their life.”

Directly appealing to MPs to support her campaign she continued: “My message to all MPs and to our government is what better time could there be to take a stance and make a change? We hear time and time again about politicians wanting to make a change and a difference. This is just three days leave for such a tragic loss which would make all the difference to grieving parents.

“Changing the law in this area will make a difference, and benefit the one in three families in their constituency who are likely to be impacted by miscarriage at some point in their lives.”

Keeley’s son George was born sleeping on the third of March 3, 2022.

The loss came two years ago after Keeley had a miscarriage at work and a year after she suffered an ectopic pregnancy. Months before losing George, Keeley had successfully persuaded her company to introduce a baby loss policy. Tragically she ended up being the first person in the business who needed to use it.

Explaining how this tragedy is fuelling her fight Keeley said: “At the end part of 2021, it became very apparent to me that New Zealand was taking a lot of action in terms of supporting employees at work. The New Zealand president has enacted a policy which meant that every employee who suffered a miscarriage no matter what their gestation was entitled to three days paid leave. So I drafted a policy and I presented it to my firm, Taylor Rose MW Solicitors, and I asked for it to be enacted in the business. It was enacted in January, 2022 and unfortunately, I was the first person to use it. So when I lost George, I was fortunate enough to have the full support of the business and which meant that I got paid.  But others aren’t able to rely on this and it was very apparent to me via  people contacting me that there is no statutory protection for any pregnancy loss beyond 24 weeks. And this lack of protection is having a devastating impact on many people’s lives. That’s why this law change is so important.”



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