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Sarah challenges the status quo on what it means to be ‘well’ at work in new book

High-performing employees need to thrive on positive wellbeing says Executive and Leadership Coach, Sarah Alexander from Kenilworth. Available from 10th May her new book Transforming Performance at Work: The Power of Positive Psychology challenges the status quo that wellbeing at work is about being ‘ok’ or ‘not unwell’ and proposes it should be so much more than that. She says people should be able to flourish at work with great relationships, positivity and purpose. According to Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, “50% of employees have experienced at least one characteristic of burnout due to greater job demands and expectations, lack of social interaction and lack of boundaries between work and home life.”

Sarah recommends that workplace wellbeing needs a holistic approach to beat stress, anxiety and burnout. Individuals and businesses can thrive by adopting the techniques of positive psychology to improve wellbeing and performance. Edited by Bob Thompson, a Professor at Warwick Business School and experienced author, the book is printed by Critical Publishing, Hertfordshire. This book is well timed as mental ill health costs UK employers approximately £56 billion each year. Professionals and leaders need to be much more revolutionary in how they manage wellbeing to reverse this trend.

Sarah has a passion for writing and found inspiration from juggling her own busy life as a business owner and parent of four children. She was approached by Bob Thompson to contribute this book to the series Business In Mind. Thrilled at the prospect and eager to help people to flourish by using tools that she benefits from herself and uses with her clients, she submitted a proposal and was accepted. The book will be available on Amazon.

Since the lockdown businesses are reassessing the relationships between employee wellbeing and engagement in work. Mental health is at the forefront of the minds of younger generations and workers are looking for more beneficial working environments. This book gives advice, techniques, tools and tips that will nurture high performance so that individuals can reach their full potential. Founder of Vivid Learning and Development Ltd, Sarah’s approach to positive psychology comes from her years of experience and the positive psychology theories of Martin Seligman. Martin is an American renown psychologist, educator, and author of self-help books.

Sarah said, “It is incredibly exciting to know that my first book is going to be published. The writing process took a number of months, as I needed to fit the research and writing around my business. I’m thrilled that my book has the potential to help so many people thrive in the workplace.”

Sarah Alexander is the founder and director of Vivid Learning & Development Ltd. She is an Executive and Leadership Coach who works with her team of associates to deliver executive coaching, leadership development, training programmes and learning and development consultancy for the private and public sector in the UK and internationally. Sarah has a Diploma in Coaching from the University of Warwick, a BSc (Hons) University of Warwick and MSc (Hons) Imperial College London and is a certified Positive Psychologist.

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