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Quarter of manufacturing workers think the sector has an image problem. Is this an issue for attracting future talent?

With a recent study showing that three quarters of respondents working in manufacturing struggle to fill their vacancies, JVP Group and Make UK join up on the 18th of May for a free interactive online webinar that’ll give employers solutions to the challenge of attracting and retaining talent within the manufacturing industry.

In a recent poll by JVP Group employers were asked if they think the manufacturing industry still has an image issue with young people, 67% said yes but that education would help resolve the issue.

In this upcoming webinar, specialist speaker Jamie Cater, an industry expert and Senior Policy Manager (Employment) at Make UK, will discuss how educational initiatives are playing a key role in developing a pipeline of new talent and what more needs to be done.

Alongside this, host Alan Townsend, Managing Director of JVP Group, will give his insights on how learning from other business sectors will help manufacturers to develop a compelling talent attraction strategy that’ll help attract talent.

Alan states “Whilst attracting people to a career in manufacturing is challenging, for many historic reasons, there are opportunities to leverage actions being taken across other business sectors to close the future skills gap.”

Jamie comments “Manufacturing employers are keen for the government to demonstrate how its levelling up policy agenda will prioritise skills. Recent Make UK research shows that a quarter of firms believe that better support for skills training should be the main focus of levelling up.”

If you’re interested in attending the free interactive webinar where we’ll be discussing the Challenge of Talent Attraction & Retention in Manufacturing on the 18th of May, book your place now to avoid missing out. To sign up and read more details go to the JVP Group website.

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