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PEI-Genesis Expands EMEA Value-Add Capabilities for D-Sub Connectors

PEI-Genesis, a leading global manufacturer of custom connectors and cable assemblies, has announced the expansion of its value-add capabilities for ITT Cannon D-Sub connectors at its European Manufacturing Headquarters in Southampton, UK. The EMEA HQ is now approved to value-add a range of ITT Cannon Commercial D-Sub, including contact styles Solder cup, PC tail, Crimp and Combo-D series connectors.


Invented by ITT Cannon over 70 years ago, D-Sub connectors are one of the most versatile interconnect products on the market. From munition and radar systems, to avionics, potable medical equipment and high-speed rail, its performance, reliability and versatility provide any application with a robust, flexible I/O solution.  PEI-Genesis’s expanded value-add capabilities for D-Sub connectors in Southampton will position the company as the leading distributor of D-Sub connectors in the EMEA region.


This expansion is a direct response to the increasing demand for D-Sub connectors, as well as the global shortage of electronic components. With its expanded value-add capabilities, PEI-Genesis can now provide its customers with standard or custom-assembled D-Sub connectors faster than ever before, with low to no minimum order quantities (MOQs).


PEI-Genesis is also investing in new inventory and manufacturing capabilities. In addition to its expanded value-add capabilities in Southampton, PEI-Genesis has recently opened a new production facility in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The company also has value-add capabilities for D-Sub connectors at its South Bend, Indiana, USA and Zhuhai, China facilities.


Benefits of PEI-Genesis’s ITT Cannon D-Sub Connector Value-Add Capabilities

PEI-Genesis’s expansion of its value-add capabilities for ITT Cannon D-Sub connectors in the EMEA region helps customers globally in a number of ways:

  • Reduced lead times: Customers across the globe can now receive custom-assembled D-Sub connectors from PEI-Genesis faster than ever before. This is because PEI-Genesis can now value-add D-Sub connectors at multiple locations around the world, including its facility in Southampton, UK.
  • Increased flexibility: Customers have more flexibility to meet their specific needs with PEI-Genesis’s expanded value-add capabilities for D-Sub connectors. For example, customers can now choose from a wider range of connector types and configurations, and they can also have their connectors assembled to their exact specifications at multiple locations around the world.
  • Reduced costs: PEI-Genesis’s value-add capabilities can help customers reduce costs by offering competitive pricing and eliminating the need to purchase and maintain their own assembly equipment.


How PEI-Genesis is Tackling Long Lead Times for Electronic Components

PEI-Genesis is committed to being the fastest assembler of custom connectors in the world. One way the company is tackling long lead times for electronic components is by expanding its value-add capabilities at multiple locations around the globe. This allows PEI-Genesis to source components from multiple suppliers and reduce its reliance on any one supplier.


For more information on PEI-Genesis’s D-sub connectors, check out our YouTube video or contact [email protected].


About PEI-Genesis

PEI-Genesis is one of the world’s fastest assemblers of interconnect solutions. From the largest connector component inventory in the world, they develop engineered solutions that support the military, industrial, medical, aerospace, transportation, and energy sectors worldwide. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, PEI-Genesis has production facilities in Philadelphia, PA; South Bend, IN; Southampton, UK; and Zhuhai, China, as well as sales offices throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. More information may be found at



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