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Path Financial founder releases book on how to save the planet with your money

In his book, Green Money: How your money can work harder for you and save the planet, David MacDonald, co-Founder and Chartered Financial Planner at Path Financial, builds on the knowledge and wisdom he shares with his clients, to help explore how to save the planet through thoughtful financial planning and investing in sustainability-focussed business. 

After discovering that there was a gap in the market for financial advisers who specialise in positive impact investment, which is the removal of pensions and investments from harmful funds and moving them into funds that impact the planet in a positive way, David set out to change the way we invest. He decided to focus on funds that invest in companies that are working towards a better future, through sustainable manufacturing, renewable energy, healthcare, and education for all. 

The book is now available from and costs £12.99 in paperback or £6.99 for the Kindle edition. 

Within the book, David aims to help readers achieve a great sense of purpose and fulfilment from making the change to impactful investing, pointing out that it will have financial rewards as more people invest in modern, sustainable companies, proving their commitment and longevity. 

He details the back story that encouraged him to set up Path, explaining how he watched Netflix documentary, Cowspiracy, which illuminates the impact animal agriculture has on the environment, including the huge amount of carbon emissions it creates. He was shocked to find many investment funds that he personally recommended to clients invested in many companies that were mentioned in the documentary, including companies that heavily pollute the atmosphere and are responsible for poor working practices – notably tobacco and oil companies, and weapons manufacturers.  

The book goes on to detail the dramatic impact a divestment movement to impact investing would have on companies, proving it could be hugely influential, causing companies to change their ways as a result of share prices being negatively impacted. 

Part two of the book gives solid and clever financial advice to help readers understand how to achieve financial security for themselves and their families using ethical and impact funds. This is a practical, street-wise guide that de-mystifies the building blocks of a solid investment programme. 

David MacDonald said: “I’m delighted to be releasing my book, where I can really get the point across about impact investing. 

“After co-founding Path in 2019, I have been able to share just how much of an impact you can have by moving pensions and investments across green funds and I hope to share this information with even more people. 

“Unfortunately, most people don’t realise how easy it is to switch to ethical funds – many can switch with the click of a button, online or at home. My job is to help spread the word as to how this can be done and how we can help our planet in doing so.” 

You can buy David’s book here. 

Find out more about Path Financial and how the firm can support you with your finances here.   

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