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One more reason to love remote work in the UK: less surveillance

At a time where productivity paranoia is on the rise and more managers are using “bossware” digital tools to monitor their remote staff’s every move, UK employers are breaking the trend in what RemoteWorker CEO Joseph Boll is calling “another win” for remote work culture in the country.

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Boll was referring to a recent study by StandOutCV, which found that while more businesses are using digital software to monitor remote teams, just 1 in 3 UK companies followed suit. RemoteWorker speculates that this could be because the vast majority of UK staff are working in a hybrid model, and physically go into work at least a few times each month. But either way it spells out a win for the country’s remote work culture, which already has a much higher percentage of employees working remotely than the USA does.

“This speaks volumes about how well the UK’s workforce is adapting to the new way of working overall,” said Boll. “There is still some pushback, and there are some challenges yet to be addressed, but it’s great to see that most employers feel they can trust their remote team without having to micromanage.”

According to StandOutCV’s data, around 50% more employers are using tools like location tracking and video/camera recording to keep track of where their remote staff are and what they’re doing during the workday. More than 20% more employers than before are also now using document scanning and attendance tracking. Notably, managers are now also monitoring remote staff’s internal chat logs, which was not being done during the peak of the pandemic. The trend raises concerns about the privacy of remote workers, who already face challenges like burnout and anxiety about job security.

But the silver lining is that most UK workers do not have to contend with this challenge. And especially considering the #FlexFrom1st legislation set to come into effect in 2024, this could mean more UK workers get to benefit from working flexibly without being monitored excessively.


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New data show fewer UK employers use surveillance software to excessively monitor their remote staff.

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