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o2h Technology Launches the Tech Kickstarter Competition to support Seed Stage Companies with their Tech Development needs

o2h technology, a business vertical of the o2h group, is excited to announce the launch of the o2h tech kickstarter competition exclusively for seed stage life science, greentech, and tech/AI companies to help them boost their MVP, web, mobile app design & development activities.

o2h technology understands that it has always been a challenge for seed stage companies to design, build and scale their application/products due to various barriers including the high cost of hiring quality developers, access to CTO-level technology expertise, and access to expert product development knowledge. This initial phase can be extremely time consuming and expensive.

The o2h tech kickstarter programme aims to extend o2h technology’s software/app development expertise to those early stage companies who want to reach potential customers and are looking forward to build MVPs, Web or Mobile apps to kickstart their digital journeys or supercharge existing MVPs by expanding their functionality with additional resources.

The applications will be evaluated by the kickstarter committee including Prashant Shah, Co-founder of o2h group, Fiona Nielsen, CEO of o2h tech, amongst others. It is a time-limited programme that offers a dedicated team of Six full-time equivalent techies, of which 2 are fully trained and 4 are trainees covering dev-ops, design, QA, and project management, to the winners in order to support their tech development needs at the standard cost of one full time developer.

Prashant Shah, Co-founder of the o2h group, said: “We love working with seed stage companies focused on human and planet health. We are a mission driven organisation and we understand the importance technology plays in helping these seed stage companies get their innovations off the ground. From the customer perspective, the kickstarter bundle provides a push button injection of development resources onto a project, and from the o2h tech perspective we are providing our team opportunities hungry to work on genuinely novel and creative ideas”

Fiona Nielsen, CEO of the o2h technology, commented: “We specialise in developing MVPs, custom products and special project builds covering web, mobile, and cloud for seed stage innovation led companies and the kickstarter competition can really help some seed stage companies with their development needs. We are however more than just a bunch of mission driven techies, it’s our culture, values and habits that set us apart. It certainly reflects in the working atmosphere of o2h tech and we hope you notice it in the way we go about delivering our projects for our customers.”


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the o2h tech Kickstarter competition to support Seed Stage Companies with their Tech Development needs

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Editor Notes: About o2h technology o2h technology is a division of the o2h group that seeds new ideas in life-science, technology and green innovation. We specialise in life-science/healthtech, tech/AI, and green innovation, and have been part of the Cambridge ecosystem for > 25 years. o2h technology believes in working collaboratively with seed stage and growth companies by supporting their digital transformation journey through all phases of software development services, including planning, design, development and implementation. The DNA of o2h technology is centred around the nurturing of its people, values, and culture. It reflects in the quality of our work and the way we work with each other, as well as with our collaborators and partners. For more information about o2h technology, please visit About o2h group The o2h group has a vision of seeding new ideas in life sciences, AI/tech, and green innovation. The divisions include funding, incubation, and execution covering chemistry, biology, and tech. The group is headquartered in Cambridge, UK at the stunning 2.76 acre Hauxton Mill SciTech Park where it is shaping a new vibrant innovation-led community. The o2h group is co-located in Cambridge, UK, and in Ahmedabad, India, and has 6 verticals covering Venture, Discovery, Therapeutics, Technology, Co-work, and Community.

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