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Northern Pharmacy Group adds Eco Pregnancy Test to Shelves

Northern pharmacy group Whitworth Chemists has added an eco pregnancy test made of 99% paper to its shelves.

Ten of the group’s chemists are now a stockist of the three-pack Hoopsy pregnancy tests, offering people in the North West, Lincolnshire, North East and North Yorkshire an eco-friendly option.

Entrepreneur Lara Solomon created the Femtech brand following her own journey of trying to conceive a baby aged 45 and single, via IVF and embryo donation. With 12.5million home pregnancy tests completed in the UK each year, Lara realised the shocking amount of plastic waste that was being sent to landfill as a result of multiple pregnancy tests and founded Hoopsy.

The paper test can be cut in half – the part which is urinated on goes in the bin and the other half in paper recycling. The cardboard packaging can be recycled in paper recycling and the pouch the test comes in can be recycled in soft plastics at the supermarket.

Hoopsy founder Lara Solomon commented: “It is fabulous to see a new pharmacy chain come onboard and support the fight against plastic. We know from our own research that 1 in 3 women worry about the plastic in all the pregnancy tests that they use – so it’s great to have the support of Whitworth Chemists to be able to get our tests into their stores so that consumers have a greener choice on the shelf!”

Heather Perkins, retail and pharmacy buyer at Whitworths Chemists, says: “We know more and more of our customers are becoming eco-conscious when it comes to their everyday choices, so having Hoopsy’s eco-pregnancy tests across 10 of our stores is a natural fit. Those who are trying to conceive know that pregnancy tests are rarely bought individually, so the Hoopsy three-pack is ideal and helps save on packaging too.”

The tests have an hCG sensitivity of 25mIU/ml and are over 99% accurate from the day of an expected period. Clinical trials have taken place to prove the accuracy and laboratory tests to ensure the sensitivity levels of the tests. It’s also registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Lara added: “Hoopsy is all about providing sustainable healthcare products that help women, their partners and the planet. Knowing that every test we sell means one less plastic test thrown in the bin, is what makes me jump out of bed each morning.”

Hoopsy pregnancy tests are available in packs of three tests retailing at £14.99 five tests for £22.99 or 10 tests for £39.99.

You can contact Hoopsy to become a stockist via the website.

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