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New partnership helps hospitality managers avoid over and under staffing

Hospitality IT Platform Redcat has joined forces with Deputy, a global platform for managing hourly workers, to take the guesswork out of rostering for business owners and managers.

Through the partnership, a business’s sales data captured in Redcat is used as a demand signal to inform correct levels of staffing through Deputy’s scheduling software. Already used by hospitality businesses in Australia to optimise and automate their staffing levels, UK hospitality businesses can now benefit from the integration.

Honor Anstice, Head of Partnerships for EMEA at Deputy, said: “With so many cost and demand pressures on the hospitality industry, this integration is good news for business owners and managers. The old ‘pen and paper’ days of hospitality team rostering, or even using Excel spreadsheets, is becoming a thing of the past. Today, technology is helping pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels know how many people to roster, and even who to roster on any given shift. This is done via smart, data-driven predictions and forecasting.”

The new product integration connects customer sales data from Redcat’s POS, online ordering, app ordering, kiosk, and QR ordering modules into Deputy’s scheduling engine. Deputy then analyses that data to predict, forecast and inform optimal rosters for future shifts. It can even inform who to roster, based on the performance of specific team members at specific times.

This ‘smart scheduling’ saves time and effort, by removing the administrative burden of manual scheduling. It also improves performance and reduces unexpected changes because rotas are based on tangible sales data. The outcome is a much more efficient business operation, a reduction in staff stress and an increase in profits.

Lawrence Pelletier, Global Sales and Marketing Director at Redcat, said: “Our partnership with Deputy is more important than ever, as getting staffing levels right is an ongoing challenge for the hospitality industry. The combination of Deputy and Redcat provides owners and managers with advanced rostering technology that allows them to focus on their business and minimise the stress that rostering challenges can cause. It takes the guesswork out of the whole process and empowers them to make decisions based on real, tangible data.”

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Hospitality IT Platform Redcat has joined forces with Deputy

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