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Nearly two thirds of employers get average menopause age wrong

In the UK, the average age for women to reach menopause is 51. More broadly speaking, perimenopause and menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 as a woman’s oestrogen levels drop, but even when considering this wider age bracket, nearly two thirds (63%), of employers get the average age of menopause wrong, according to new research from digital health app Peppy:

  • 58% of employers believe menopause occurs under the age of 45
  • 5% believe it occurs from the age of 56 onwards
  • Just 37% correctly said between the age of 45 and 55

Kathy Abernethy, Director of Menopause Services, Peppy said: “It’s true that menopause can occur at an age much younger than 51 but in general it is from age 45 onwards when people are most likely to experience symptoms. Employers do not need to be expert in everything menopause – particularly if they outsource the majority of the complex support to a specialist provider – however, on a day-to-day basis, employers do need to be aware of which individual members of staff might need support so they can point them in the direction of the help they need.

“Employers have to get to grips with such a wide range of issues, they cannot be blamed for this lack of understanding. However, getting the age of menopause wrong may highlight a broader lack of knowledge about this life stage as a whole.

“There are very specific challenges that can be associated with the menopause, and these challenges need to be met with specialist support. These findings highlight just how much education is needed on the basics before we can expect employers to appreciate the depth and breadth of the issue and how to support those that need it.

“Employers need to be doing all they can do improve the working lives of those affected by menopause. It’s not just in the interest of individual members of staff, the positive impact of menopause support can be felt right across an organisation, including the recruitment and retention of key demographics of staff.”

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1. Research conducted by Opinium on behalf of Peppy among 506 HR decision makers in January 2022. For further information please contact: Sharon Mason SMUK Marketing and PR [email protected] Mob:07747 611773 Land:01252 843350 Notes to editors Peppy provides fertility support to employees of a number of companies, including Clifford Chance, Wickes, Mace, Edelman and Gerald Eve. Press Kit: Peppy Press Kit About Peppy Peppy is a digital health app that is pioneering health support for employees, serving under-served areas of healthcare. These include family and reproductive health – trying to start a family, becoming a parent and going through the menopause – and a first-of-its-kind men’s health service. When an employer gives its people Peppy, it gives them unlimited access to experienced practitioners over live chat, live events and live virtual consultations, ensuring they have access to the information, answers and personalised support they need, tailored to their individual circumstances. Over 250 leading UK employers and over 800,000 employees have access to life-changing support with Peppy, including Clifford Chance, Marsh McLennan, Santander, the University of Sheffield and Wickes.

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