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Meteor Fireball: Unlimited High Quality Video Conferencing For Solopreneurs And Startups

Meteor Fireball rolls out superior video conferencing under highest online safety standards for the Creator Economy with unlimited duration

The creator economy is booming, and two in 5 Americans (40%) currently have a side hustle (Zapier’s Side Hustles In 2022 Report). A good number of the creators use their skills to tutor or coach in workshops and seminars, and work with teams and clients spread all over the globe. They are in need of a reliable video conferencing solution.

Pianist and former opera singer turned tech entrepreneur Anita Grace MacDonald rolls out the Meteor Suite for the creator economy with Meteor Fireball. The UK-born independent software business revolutionized the educational technology space for children to provide a safe and state-of-the-art solution for sophisticated online music lessons.

Meteor Fireball stands for superior video conferencing quality in 4K video and Hi-Fi audio quality, added by highest security and privacy standards and a timeout facility equivalent to the software of financial institutions, making it the optimum solution for online tutoring and conferencing. Meteor Fireball is now available to solopreneurs and startups worldwide.

MacDonald developed the Meteor Fireball use case and success story with Meteor Tutors, an EdTech solution that provides a secure online space for students and tutors to meet online across countries via the web or mobile app.

“In addition to the highest quality standards I seek for music education, the safety of our students was of utmost importance. Virtual spaces carry threats like zoom bombings. The strong security features we have built in for children and teenagers are now also available to startups who need to distribute sensitive information around the world,” MacDonald says. Development of Meteor Fireball and Meteor Tutors kicked-off long before the pandemic, triggered by a blizzard that made it impossible to leave the house.

Secure two-factor-authentication and mobile facial and fingerprint technology to access the video conference provide online safety and secure digital well-being when spreading sensitive information across the globe. “Globalization and technical advancements made remote activities an international standard. For collaborative situations like video conferencing, we now need to take the next step and demand safe online environments,” MacDonald resumes.

Meteor Fireball provides a one-stop-shop to teach up to 100 participants with the highest performance and safety features on the market.

Features include:

  • End-to-end encryption technology in video conferencing /group lessons
  • Live online tutoring with minimum lag
  • Multiple cameras setup for close up lab work, cad/cam work etc at the touch of a button
  • Lessons open and close automatically at the allotted time, with no waiting rooms or ‘bombing’
  • Screenshare of presentations, theory, graphs, charts, keyboards online
  • Click and book calendar with global clocks built-in to automatically swap to user’s local time
  • Notifications and automated certificates of attendance
  • Automated reminders of upcoming meetings
  • Whiteboard at the touch of a button
  • Button touch reschedule feature for tutors
  • Live video support function and live chat
  • Owned secure instant messenger with recorded history for safeguarding purposes.
  • Video lesson platform for streaming on demand
  • Corporate branded access
  • 24/7 IT support service
  • Customized features on demand, such as a metronome, periodic, maps, formulas, calculators.

Meteor Fireball is available for startups and solopreneurs at £4.99 /month.

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