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Manchester Fitness Trainer Launches ‘Booty Building’

Central Manchester resident Luke Boss, a qualified fitness trainer has drawn on his own personal experience of following poor diet plans and poorly conceived exercise routines, to publish a fitness, diet & nutrition book, aimed at women and men wanting to shape their gluteus muscles to achieve the perfect ‘butt’.

‘Booty Building’ offers expert advice, a 38-session training & exercise programme and recipes, Luke’s book is designed to target, build and tone your bum whilst allowing your legs to stay toned with definition. It works to tone your abs, with effective abdominal exercises.

Author Luke’s personal journey led him to developing the guide and writing his book. After holidaying LA, he became very body conscious, eating low calorie junk food, whilst sometimes doing 500 crunches per day. Luke lost 3 stone, however was constantly told he looked painfully thin and had a ‘flat butt’. Luke subsequently retained as a personal trainer and following this developed his own programme.

Luke who lives in Castlefield, Manchester explains :- “The bum is the cutest and most beautiful part of the body in both males and females…..when I am in the gym, I see the same ladies doing cardio and guys just training their upper body and ignoring their potentially lovely booties.

“It has been on my bucket list for a while to write my own book. My aim is for you to be confident enough to develop your own training and diet plan that will make a difference. You will also learn what it takes to get your desired bum-cheeks.

“As a qualified personal trainer, I have seen how people over the world have been following the trends set by celebrities, and much of the advice is aimed at women’s glutes and therefore men miss out. I wanted to change this with an inclusive guide designed for men as well as women.”

Luke is a qualified Personal Trainer, Spin Instructor and GP Referral Instructor.

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