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LT Accounting Launches Specialised Bookkeeping Services for SMEs

New Purpose-Built Team Aims to Revolutionise SME Financial Management

In an innovative move designed to transform small and medium enterprise (SME) financial management, LT Accounting announces the formation of a purpose-built team of professional bookkeepers. This new service is tailored to empower SMEs to take control of their financial documentation, ensuring compliance and fostering growth without the traditional hassle associated with bookkeeping.


In response to alarming statistics from a reputable membership association revealing that 16% of SME owners neglect proper business transaction recording, LT Accounting today unveiled its latest initiative. A dedicated team of bookkeeping professionals will now offer bespoke services aimed at integrating seamlessly with SME operations. This strategic move is set to change the landscape of small business accounting by allowing business owners to focus on core operations while LT Accounting handles the intricacies of financial reporting and compliance.

“Recognising the critical gap in the market for specialised bookkeeping services tailored to SME needs, we’ve launched our dedicated team to address and alleviate the bookkeeping burdens faced by small business owners,” stated Olivia Tombs, Accountant at LT Accounting. “Our goal is to provide a streamlined, hassle-free bookkeeping solution that not only ensures accuracy and compliance but also empowers business owners to concentrate on what they do best—running their business.”


This initiative comes at a crucial time as SMEs navigate the complexities of financial management and compliance. LT Accounting’s tailored solutions are designed to offer peace of mind and operational efficiency, allowing SMEs to leverage expert financial services traditionally reserved for larger enterprises.

About LT Accounting

LT Accounting specialises in a comprehensive range of accounting services, including year-end accounts, taxation, bookkeeping, CIS Return, and financial reporting. With a strong focus on SMEs, LT Accounting provides personalised, professional financial services designed to support business growth and compliance. By leveraging a team of experienced accountants and bookkeepers, LT Accounting ensures that each client receives the expertise and attention needed to manage their financial operations successfully.

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