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London-based ‘Milky Plant’ launches the ultimate home appliance for those on a plant-based diet

The trend for plant based milk is showing no signs of slowing down, with one in three Brits choosing plant based alternatives to dairy.

Milky Plant is a brand new appliance which makes plant based milk at home from nuts, seeds, cereals and water.

Simply add the chosen ingredient to the blender, fill the water tank and within three minutes a litre of plant based milk is produced. This is an even healthier alternative to supermarket bought milks which contain preservatives, emulsifiers, seed oils and gums.

What’s more, making plant based milk at home saves cash at 30-90% per serving compared to buying it ready made.

The Milky Plant machine costs £290 and it takes around 180 uses to recoup the costs of the machine, depending which ingredients are used to make the milk.

Creating milk at home also reduces the volume of tetra pak containers ending up in landfill, almost 300k per year. If they were placed end to end the line would stretch from central London to Milton Keynes.

Nadina Grigoras, founder of Milky Plant, commented: “A few years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and wanted to make healthy changes to my diet. I quickly realised that supermarket bought plant-based milks aren’t as natural or healthy as they claimed to be as they are high in saturated fat, additives and preservatives. The only way of making plant based milk at home was very messy and time intensive so I set about creating my own appliance to take the hard work out.

“Milky Plant offers a healthier, cheaper and more sustainable alternative to shop bought plant based milks. I love adding maple syrup or dates along with my nuts or seeds to add natural sweetness to the milks and there are so many other recipes and ways to drink Milky Plant milk, the possibilities are endless.”

Milky Plant uses patent-pending technology to strain out the seed, nut or cereal pulp from the final milk. This feature means no more messy blenders or squeezing cheese cloths or nut bags, making it much simpler and easier to use at home. The pulp is stored in an easily accessible compartment at the front of the machine. It is almost dry and can be re-used in other recipes like homemade granola or smoothie bowls, or even for composting.

Milky Plant has recently been enrolled in the Amazon sustainability accelerator scheme which is an exclusive programme for just 15 sustainable businesses per year.



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