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Leeds Fashion Retailer Reinvent The Wheel With New Mobile Campaign

Local Fashion retailer, The Style Attic, hit the streets of Leeds on Wednesday to unveil their latest project, a mobile campaign to empower and boost the confidence of women.

When, on a whim last August, female founder Leigh Unwin and her team purchased a disused ice cream van, the idea was branded as crazy and impulsive. But the vision came to fruition just in time to mark International Women’s Day.

The all female team took their newly renovated promotional van to Briggate High Street to share words of affirmation and token gifts to the Women of the city.

The Style Attic customers came out in full force for the campaign’s launch and to celebrate International Women’s Day together, despite the snowy conditions.

Laura Cundall, just one of the many customers who braved the weather to show up for the brand, said, “What a fantastic day it’s been celebrating International Women’s Day with all of The Style Attic! This strong, fierce, loving army of fashionistas has given me the confidence to believe in myself, my worth and made me believe no matter what size or shape you are, fashion can be a part of your life!”

This is just the start of The Style Attics Spring/Summer Campaign which will see their previously predominantly online shop take to festivals and events across the country.

But it’s not just showcasing their fashion goods that the team are concerned about. The Style Attics’ huge online community sees the brand boast loyal customers and followers across England and beyond.

With their ability to take the brand mobile, the team hope to be able to meet their incredibly supportive community of customers further afield.

Founder Leigh Unwin said, “When I purchased this broken, old Ice Cream Van last summer, I got home and thought to myself, what have I done? But I’m a firm believer in the saying, ‘if you’re not evolving, you’re falling behind’ and I knew that I wanted to keep pushing myself, and the brand, to keep growing.”

She continued, “Every week, we speak with customers online who tell us they wish they could come to our events, and to the shop, but they’re not from the area. So I thought instead, why not bring The Style Attic to them. And, as an all female brand, it made perfect sense to launch this mission on International Women’s Day!”

Over the next few months The Style Attic will be taking to the road and hitting festivals and events aplenty as they continue to spread their body confident message across Yorkshire and beyond.

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