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KSM Telecom: Fuelling Telecommunications Growth in the South of the UK

KSM Telecom, a prominent player in the telecommunications industry, has been leading the market in the South of the UK for the past six years. Under the visionary leadership of Michael J Thornton, the company has been on a mission to provide businesses with the latest IT and hosted telephony solutions at an unparalleled low cost of entry. It’s the passion of the company’s founder – Michael J Thornton who firmly believes that cost should not be the deciding factor in great company communication.

Michael said “There has never been a better time to upgrade your voice and data services. With the BT ISDN switch off just around the corner now is the time to get it done and to get it done at a near-zero cost of investment, there is no better incentive”.

Businesses no longer need to worry about expensive leases for hardware or long-term commitments. The company provides all of their desk phones free of charge, offering flexible agreements of one, two, or three years. By adopting CISCO Broadsoft, one of the most advanced hosted voice platforms in the market, with integrated WebEx apps for desktops and smartphones, businesses can save thousands of pounds on their communication infrastructure. This approach has led to huge growth in the south of the UK for one key reason, unparalleled support and helping businesses thrive rather than struggle with increased communication costs.

But the KSM model doesn’t stop there. Complimentary Installation, Training, and Support is a commitment the company has ensured helping clients to make a seamless transition. They’ve gone a step further too, with zero call-out fees if an engineer or technician is needed on-site.

This comprehensive package (and approach) eliminates any barriers to entry and ensures that businesses can focus on what matters most – growth and success (whilst saving a pretty penny also).

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KSM sees growth in Portsmouth and beyond, thanks to strategic partnerships in the region

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