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Jobseekers encouraged to browse diverse range of remote jobs available

LONDON, 7 April, 2023 — RemoteWorker, an online jobs board that specialises in helping hiring managers and businesses connect with job-seeking professionals for remote work positions, is encouraging jobseekers who want to work remotely to remain hopeful about the possibilities.

“There can be a lot of misconceptions about remote jobs,” said Joseph Boll, RemoteWorker CEO. “A lot of people tend to think that only certain jobs can be remote, or they can kind of give up on their dreams of work-life balance if they want something traditional. But a lot of people are also surprised at the type of jobs that can be remote.”

Boll’s comments come on the heels of new research confirming that fields like Marketing, Communications and Information Technology typically have the highest percentages of remote job listings in the UK. However, data has also found that, interestingly, even amongst jobs that usually have the lowest percentages of remote job listings, their actual numbers of remote listings can outpace that of fields with higher percentages of remote jobs.

For instance, one such study found that Marketing had the highest percentage of remote job listings, at some 14 per cent. In comparison, just two per cent of Healthcare jobs were listed as remote. However, what was interesting is that the actual number of remote Marketing jobs stood at around 16,000, while the actual number of remote Healthcare jobs was nearly 205,000. The RemoteWorker CEO said this demonstrates that while figures may seem discouraging at a first glance, there is actually a wide variety of remote jobs available in a wide range of fields — even those that typically cannot be performed remotely.

“Working remotely has a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to flexibility and work-life balance. To anyone who wants to work remotely, we’d simply encourage them to not just stick to the idea that only certain jobs are remote. Resources like RemoteWorker are here to help, and it doesn’t hurt to take a look and find out exactly what kinds of opportunities exist that you can take advantage of.”


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