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Ground-breaking self-serve market research tool from YouGov launches

YouGov, the international online research data and analytics technology group, has launched YouGov Survey Direct in the UK and US, a revolutionary self-serve tool which allows users to build surveys with granular targeting capabilities and receive results within an hour.

Survey Direct is directly connected to YouGov’s industry-leading panel. This means clients can target surveys to granular audiences – from parents in the North East who shop at a particular retailer to young graduates who don’t want to be tracked online. Survey Direct’s targeting allows users to find out exactly what such niche groups think in as little as an hour. As well as reaching bespoke samples, Survey Direct also allows users to ask questions to a nationally representative (Nat Rep) sample.

The user-friendly self-serve platform allows surveys to be easily tailored to a client’s needs and budget. Survey Direct is the perfect tool to help clients:

  • Get rapid insights on new industry trends
  • Create data-informed strategies, testing ads, creative and messaging concepts before, during and after launch
  • Secure pitch-ready intelligence for urgent briefs and client requests, with results in hours
  • Measure price elasticity of demand to match market expectations
  • Gain rapid consumer insights in a crisis management situation, with 24/7 self-serve insights and a one-hour expedited option
  • Enable data-informed product development, testing concepts with your target consumers to understand what resonates

As part of its mission to give more people easier access to quality data, YouGov has also launched two new free-to-access tools. YouGov Profiles Lite and YouGov BrandIndex Lite allow anyone to access audience profiling and brand measurement data for more than 50 markets.

Stephan Shakespeare, CEO and co-founder of YouGov: “With its ground-breaking targeting capabilities, YouGov Survey Direct revolutionises self-service research. As it is directly connected to YouGov’s industry-best panel, it provides better quality data than anyone else. This means users can get deeper insights into whatever audience they need – whether that’s customers of a particular brand, people with specific attitudes or behaviours, or the population as a whole. It moves the dial on what people should expect from self-serve research in terms of data quality, targeting capabilities and speed. It is a true self-service platform where clients can register an account, pay via credit card, create a survey and receive the results – all without having a live conversation with a salesperson or researcher.”


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YouGov's Survey Direct promises to help marketers

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