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Essex Sexual Health Week kicks off in Essex

Essex Sexual Health Service is shining a spotlight on “Playing it Safe”, this year’s theme for Sexual Health Week, taking place from Monday 11 to Friday 15 September.

Throughout this week, Essex Sexual Health Service, a dedicated service commissioned by Essex County Council and operating in close partnership with Terrence Higgins Trust, will be linking in with young people across the county in a variety of education establishments. The team will be providing information around relationships and sexual health, tips on how to stay safe and how to access local services should they need. The team will also be delivering a variety of free training sessions to professionals working with young people.

Empowerment through Information: Launch of the ‘Asking for a Friend’ Website

An exciting highlight of this year’s Sexual Health Week is the launch of the ‘Asking for a Friend’ website. This user-friendly platform offers a safe space for young people to ask questions, access credible information, and seek advice on sexual health matters. Whether it’s concerns about contraceptives, STIs, relationships, or communication, this resource aims to provide reliable answers and foster open dialogues.

Revolutionising Accessibility: Introducing the eC-Card App and Personal Health Record (PHR) Portal

Essex Sexual Health Service is dedicated to making health information easily accessible. With the introduction of the eC-Card app and the Personal Health Record Portal, individuals can now conveniently access their personal sexual health records, schedule appointments, receive test results, and manage their well-being from the comfort of their smartphones or computers. These innovative tools empower users to take control of their health journeys.

Promoting Safety: Vending Machine at the University of Essex

Using the eC-Card app, young people have been able to use the vending machine, located at University of Essex, Colchester, which offers free condoms and lube packets.

Sue Luty, Sexual Health System Lead, from Essex Sexual Health Service, said: “We believe that ‘Playing it Safe’ is not just about prevention, but also about empowerment. By equipping our community with the right tools and knowledge, we’re fostering an environment where everyone can enjoy their sexuality in a safe and healthy manner.

“On behalf of ” Essex Sexual Health Service, I would like to extend our gratitude to our delivery partners for their unwavering support and dedication to the cause. Together, we hope to make a lasting impact during Sexual Health Week and beyond.”

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