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Empowerment Coach Florence Weber-Zuanigh Launches New Online Workshop: ‘You’re Not Lazy, You’re Just Stuck.’

Certified CPCC and ICF empowerment coach Florence Weber-Zuanigh has announced the launch of a brand new workshop for those who want to break free from procrastination and lack of motivation and achieve their goals.


Florence, who works with women (both cis and trans) and non-binary people in group coaching and workshops, is on a mission to help others get focused and achieve their goals. She is also the founder of Diversity in the Boardroom and works with businesses to help them foster supportive, inclusive work environments through diversity and inclusion initiatives.


This brand new 90 minute workshop is for anyone who feel like they don’t have control over their life or happiness at the moment, providing the opportunity to gather in an inclusive online space filled with compassion and without judgment to explore messages we’ve been telling ourselves, how to reframe it to put ourselves back in the driver’s seat and hatch a plan to move forward.


The workshop will include: how to break free from procrastination and lack of motivation; how to crush your goals; how to get unstuck and feel empowered; how to conquer self-sabotage and how to embrace your power. With options to upgrade and add 121 follow up support for extra accountability and support.


It promises to be a fantastic way to build strategies to counteract procrastination in favour of proper rest and fulfilling efficiency and to also help us recognise the negative self-talk we give ourselves when we use the word lazy.


“Lazy is such a loaded word. It can be weaponised  to demean someone, integrated within our negative self-talk. But you cannot belittle yourself or someone else into taking positive action and implementing positive changes. What does lazy even mean? Is someone who is exhausted lazy? Is someone battling mental health struggles lazy? In this workshop, we unpack lazy and replace it with what is actually going on. If instead of saying lazy, you use “exhausted”, then there is something you can do about it. Usually lazy is the only thing that is lazy, and judgy,” says Florence.


You’re Not Lazy, You’re Just Stuck will take place on 21st July, from 12-1.30pm.

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