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Dron & Dickson appoints Envirovue to support with carbon neutral waste management

The UK’s leading provider of installation and maintenance of harsh & hazardous area and electrical equipment Dron & Dickson has appointed Envirovue to assist with reducing the emissions from its waste management as part of their commitment to be Net Zero by 2030.

The remit of the partnership includes Envirovue identifying compliant carriers and waste facilities and advising and supporting Dron & Dickson to implement best practice for site waste management, increase recycling rates and help manage waste costs.

The Bury-based organisation uses its best match calculation software which identifies compliant carriers for each of Dron & Dickson’s five branches and site audits to identify additional recycling methods organisations can adopt to increase recycling rates. This alone though cannot fully eliminate waste carbon emissions, but using its bespoke algorithm to calculate an organisation’s emissions from waste generated, Envirovue then offset these emissions by donating a relative amount to Gold Standard Certified carbon offsetting projects in line with the PAS 2060 standard.

The partnership will play a role in supporting Dron & Dickson to achieve its sustainability goals, including a target of Net Zero by 2030. By setting this target Dron & Dickson is committing its future as a greener, environmentally friendly business. The organisation has already identified six reduction areas: utilities, buildings, transport, industry, waste and land use and forestry.

The first phase of the environmental transformation, to be completed by 2023, includes the development of the Net Zero Strategy document, calculating company carbon emission figures, installing EV charging stations at each branch and transitioning to only hybrid or electric cars and renewable energy utilities supply. It will also develop branch specific plans to reduce energy usage within buildings.

Dron & Dickson has already committed to measures to help its Carbon Reduction plans, including utilising Compare Your Footprint software which calculates the carbon emissions across the entire business, installing pilot EV charging stations at its Stirling branch, with the other branches following suit in Q3/4 2022 and contracting Envirovue to take over its waste management.

Chris Kirkland, HSEQ Advisor at Dron & Dickson said: “The effects of climate change remain severe, and environmental sustainability is more important than ever. Dron & Dickson’s aim is to minimise its impact on the environment and to play its part in regenerating planet earth to ensure a better future for many generations to come. Our Net Zero Strategy document, which outlines the overarching steps that will be taken to achieve our target of net zero by 2030, has a big part to play in that aim.

“We are delighted to have contracted Envirovue for all our waste management needs. Utilising their full suite of software we have significantly reduced the carbon emissions from waste generated at our sites and in combination with their offsetting measures, Dron & Dickson can proudly state that in partnership with Envirovue, we are now Carbon Neutral in our Waste Management processes”.

Daniel Redfern, Director at Envirovue said: “We are thrilled to be working alongside Chris and the team at Dron & Dickson to help them achieve their sustainability goals. Reducing your environmental impact should be a priority for all businesses, so we are so proud to be working with an industry leader such as Dron & Dickson to pave the way for the best-in-class approach to creating a carbon neutral environment”.

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